'Fighting for My Children': Linda and Michael

'Fighting for My Children': Linda and Michael
Linda has been struggling for seven years to regain custody of her kids from her ex-husband.
"I'll do whatever it takes to get full custody of my biological children," says Linda. Her kids, Matthew, 16, and Irina, 13 now live with her ex-husband, Michael. Although he is not the kids' biological father, Michael got custody when their eight-year marriage ended.

Michael explains why the children should live with him and his new wife, Sherry, who was once Linda's best friend. "I may not be the biological father, but I am the only father they have ever known," he says. He feels that Linda's religious beliefs are hard on the kids. "Matthew wanted to play football, and Linda told him that it wasn't in God's plan for him to play."

Linda defends her views. "When my children are with me, they have to conform themselves to the way that I live, which is following the word of God and the Bible," she says. "When Michael won custody, Michael told the children that I was an unfit mother."

If Linda wins custody of the kids, Michael fears he would be cut out of their lives. "I would cease to exist. My heart would be broken," he says emotionally.

"I feel I have really been wronged as the biological mother," Linda says. "I will never give up this fight until I see justice is won."