Fighting in Front of Your Kids

Fighting in Front of Your Kids
Hidden cameras capture explosive moments in a home where the parents fight in front of the kids.
"We're trying to follow Dr. Phil's advice," says Ed, "changing our frantic lifestyle and saving money." They've reduced their cable bill, are saving money on car insurance, eat at home more often, put some of their pets up for adoption, and have cut back on some of their activities.

"We feel like we're making progress, but we still need a lot of help," says Ginger.

"This lizard is on my hit list," Dr. Phil said on the first show, because Ed and Ginger were spending a lot of time and money taking care of it.

Their son Dakota has now taken responsibility for the lizard, and is using his allowance money to buy its food online at a discount. "Dr. Phil, you can take my lizard off your hit list because I'm paying for the crickets," he says.

Dr. Phil drove the point home with Ed and Ginger that re-engineering your life means that every nickel they spend and decision they make is subject to being challenged.

"Afford it first, and justify it second," he reminds them. They've since shaved more than $9,000 off their yearly expenses.

But Dr. Phil urges Ed and Ginger to take a closer look, because their numbers don't add up. About $4,000 is unaccounted for! "Knowledge is power," he says. "Know how much money you've got and know where it's going. You can't make good decisions on bad information."

He says many of their expenses are still subject to change, so they need to check their math again and remember that "nothing is sacred."