Financial Fiascos

Financial Fiascos
Dr. Phil helps guests deal with their financial disasters.
The last time Jeff and Amy were on the show, Jeff had lost his job, so they had sold their house and everything in it to pay off their debt.

Since he was having a difficult time finding work, Jeff decided to make himself available by making a portable office on a trailer which he parked on a corner.

Since appearing on the Dr. Phil show, Jeff has made significant strides.

"Being on the show was a real wake-up call," he says. "When Dr. Phil said that my resume was the worst he'd ever seen, that really stopped me in my tracks."

Amy has noted Jeff's progress as well. "Before the show, Jeff was trying, but he didn't know where to focus his energy," she says. "He now knows where to focus it."

Jeff has since had six job interviews.

Dr. Phil connected Jeff with Tony Bashera, a top recruiter for Babich and Associates in Dallas. Tony helped Jeff update his resume.

"We helped Amy and Jeff realize that it's not how far you fall, it's how high you bounce," he says.

Dr. Phil then gives Jeff and Amy a big surprise — a job offer from MoneyWorks.

Dr. Phil passes the couple a piece of paper with the salary the company has offered.

Amy looks at the paper, smiles broadly and then asks, "Does that mean his resume looks better?"

Jeff tells Dr. Phil, "I am ecstatic."

"It's a giant step forward," says Dr. Phil. "It's because you guys were willing to get real and work hard."