Finding Allene and Mollie: Michelle

A Mother's Relief

As Michelle enters the room, Dr. Phil greets her with a hug and asks if she's doing all right.

"As well as can be expected," she replies, positioning herself in a chair.

"Tell me what that means," says Dr. Phil.

"I'm very nervous. I'm scared. I'm a little bit angry because I know the warrants have been dropped," says Michelle. Dr. Phil asks why that has made her angry. "I want my daughters protected. I want to know that when I get custody of them I don't have to worry that my ex-husband is going to do something like this again," she tells him.

Dr. Phil explains that a warrant being dropped doesn't mean a dismissal of the charges. "It just means that there is not an arrest order the first time a law enforcement or government official comes into contact with your husband. What I know is this: He was in Belize illegally, and to get him out of Belize he had to come out legally. And when you go to get somebody out legally and there are outstanding arrest warrants, you can't move him. He's arrested and he's locked in down there. Then what happens to the girls? My edict to them was I want him and those girls back here where you have access to your daughters."

"Oh, and I appreciate that," says Michelle.

Dr. Phil tells her that he has talked to Michael. "He is unapologetic. He's just saying, 'I did what I think I had to do to protect my daughters.' I think he understands that he may well be incarcerated, but he's in hopes that he won't be. Do you intend to prosecute him?" Michelle says she does. "What's your primary concern for these girls?" he asks.

Michelle says, "Probably the very first thing I'm going to do is take them to a doctor to have them completely checked so we can get a status on their medical well-being. And take it a day at a time."


"Are you at all concerned that going back to school they would be ridiculed, ostracized and damaged mentally and emotionally by being so set apart from the rest of the school community?" asks Dr. Phil.

Michelle explains that she has access to private schools if necessary. "My only concern is their well-being, and in this day and age you can't get very far without an education," she says.

"Are you afraid they've been brainwashed?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes, I am," she says. "If not brainwashed, I think that they've been at least frightened."

"You're back in Illinois," says Dr. Phil. "You're back home. What's the biggest challenge we've got to make first? Because I want to help with that."

Michelle says, "If I need to make concessions to make them feel comfortable, my only concern is for their well-being."

Finally, Dr. Phil asks Michelle to stand up so that she can see her children. 

Tune in Wednesday, May 10 for their much anticipated reunion! Find out what the girls have to say to their mother after not seeing her for an entire year.