First Wives Club: Donna

First Wives Club: Donna


"If he would've come to me and said, 'I don't love you any more. I've found someone else,' I could accept that more than what he's done. He just walked out. That was it. Away from myself, my two daughters. And that's it. Why? I'd love to know why," Donna tells Dr. Phil and Robin. 

Donna's story:

"I considered him my soul mate," says Donna about her husband of 27 years. "When I first saw my husband acting strange, I really didn't think much of it. He started taking advantage of trips that travel agents would go on. He had been away three times. And he decided to go away again, and I asked him point blank, 'Why are you going away?' And he said, 'It's my business. I'll do what I want.' That's when our problems all started," she says. "That's it. He just left and never looked back. Left me and my daughters.""His life now is probably wonderful," says Donna, with bitterness. "It's all about him. Just be a teenager, which he thinks he is. You know, be in love."

Both of Donna's daughters, Melanie, 23, and Cassandra, 20, wish their mother could get past her anger and bitterness and begin to heal.

"My mom is definitely obsessed with the divorce. There's nothing that I can say or do to make her feel any better," says Melanie.

"My mom definitely doesn't realize how bad she's getting," says Cassandra. "If my mom doesn't stop dwelling on this divorce, me and my sister will just move on in our lives, further away from her."

"He made me feel like I was worthless," cries Donna. "I want closure. And I'm trying. But I just don't know how to move forward."


Dr. Phil asks Donna, "You understand that you are totally obsessed with it now, right?"

"I don't feel that I'm obsessed with it," says Donna.

"What word would you like to use to describe the fact that this is dominating your emotions, this is dominating your life? It seems to me like you're stuck. You're obsessed with the fear. You are obsessed with the pain. Your daughters say, if you don't get over it, they're going to leave you. And believe me, it's that close. You're about to lose those girls," Dr. Phil warns.