First Wives Club, Part 3: Donna

First Wives Club, Part 3: Donna


Donna never stood up for herself in her 27-year marriage. After the First Wives Club, Donna says the black hole in her heart is gone and she feels like a much stronger woman.

She tells Dr. Phil, "I'm an independent woman and I'm not going to take it anymore! I feel like I'm reborn."

One of Donna's worries is that she won't be able to find a job without a college degree. Dr. Phil and Robin inform her that Adelphi University is going to give her a four-year education worth $68,000!


And Citgo is providing a one-year supply of gas for Donna and all the first wives!

Dr. Phil has one more surprise for Donna. "I understand that you have to borrow your daughter's car to get around. Well, you've got to have something to put the gas in, right? So, take a look."

Donna, who's already crying, turns around and is shocked to see a brand new Hyundai Sonata. "Oh, my God," she says. Dr. Phil and Robin lead her over to her new car and Donna gets in. 

Hyundai supports empowering women. Ten years ago, the company created a program called "Power of the Purse," which takes the intimidation out of buying a car by teaching women how to do it. Thank you, Hyundai!