First Wives Club, Part 3: Heidi

First Wives Club, Part 3: Heidi


When Dr. Phil and Robin first met Heidi, she was full of hate and vengeance toward men.


She's done a lot of work to let that go and will continue to

do so, including learning to forgive. "I'm not going to cheat myself out of life anymore," says Heidi.

Dr. Phil and Robin share some surprises with Heidi.

Heidi said she wanted a family portrait with just her and her kids. Now that her husband is out of the picture, Heidi gets a new family portrait of just her and her children, courtesy of professional photographer, Charles Estabrooks.

To help her with her dream of a college degree, Roger Williams University is offering Heidi a four-year $115,000 education! They will assist Heidi in job placement, legal advice, and even books for four years.

"Thank you so much," says Heidi, tearfully.

Also, Dell will be giving Heidi and all the women a brand new Inspiron 6000 notebook computer!

Plus, Ameriprise Financial is setting up Heidi and all the women with their own financial advisor to provide five years of personal financial planning services!


"And we think you need to have some fun, too," Dr. Phil tells her. "So you and your kids are going to Disneyland!"

"They're going to love you. Thank you so much!" says Heidi.