First Wives Club, Part 3: Pam

First Wives Club, Part 3: Pam


When Pam first came to see Dr. Phil, she said she looked at younger women with rage because her ex-husband flaunted his young girlfriend in front of her and her daughter.


Now, Pam says, "I feel great!" Since she left the First Wives Club, Pam says she's been able to put all the pain involved with her divorce to rest.

Dr. Phil and Robin have some surprises for Pam. Since Pam's bedroom set was symbolic of her 32-year marriage, they thought it was time she got rid of it!


So, while Pam has been in Los Angeles, the designers at Ethan Allen went to work creating a beautiful new bedroom for her to come home to! It comes complete with furniture, fabric and accessories from the Maison collection, influenced by the French countryside to create a simple yet elegant bedroom retreat.

Robin added her personal touch: her favorite scented products from Lady Primrose.

"Oh, thank you. I can't believe this," says Pam, shocked.

But Dr. Phil is not done. Since Pam has always wanted to send her daughter, Beth, to college, Buffalo State College is going to pay for Beth's four-year tuition! 

Dr. Phil also informs Pam that is giving her $10,000 cash to get her back on her feet!

And, since Pam really wants to get in shape, she'll also be getting an elliptical cross trainer from Precor. Plus, a new iPod and iTower speaker system from Sharper Image so she can listen to her favorite music while working out!


The surprises don't end there! Since Pam has never been on a vacation, is sending her and her daughters on an eight-night vacation to Tahiti, including round-trip airfare and luxury accommodations!

And, Tumi is hooking Pam up with a three-piece luggage set for her trip!

"Oh, my God! This is the best day of my life!" exclaims Pam.