Five Factors of a Phenomenal Family: The Blacks

Superstar Parents
Dr. Phil follows up with some of his most memorable guests.

Country superstar Clint Black and his wife of 13 years, Lisa Hartman Black, are the proud parents of 3 1/2-year-old Lily. "We feel so blessed and so honored to be her parents. When she came into the world, we truly were a family," Lisa says. "He changed her first diaper, and from then on the nurses couldn't do it."

"I put on the music I had recorded for Lily's lullaby, and right when Lily was coming out, Lily's song started to play," says a beaming Clint. "We have the luxury of taking time off, and for about the first three years, there was very little work," he explains. "When you decide to have your family, then your family comes first."

Lisa agrees. "I just don't want to miss anything," she says. "We just wanted to be a part of as much as we possibly could."Lisa and Clint reveal some of their parenting techniques.

"We don't talk baby talk to her and we've always explained everything that's going on," Lisa says. "We haven't had serious meltdowns. She says, 'I'm not happy with this,' and she gets upset for seconds. I say to her, 'Let's move on.' We redirect and it works great."

"The way we talk things through also serves as an example for
her," Clint says. "She doesn't see us getting angry when we don't get our way." Lily is aware that Clint goes on the road and comes back a little while later. "The other day she said, 'Are you leaving?' and I said, 'Yeah, I'm going back to the bus,'" Clint explains. "I went over and gave her a hug and kiss and she said, 'Alright Daddy, I'll see you when you come back around.'"

Clint shares his goal of parenting. "If you do your job, you do the discipline and you're also fun, that should be the goal," he explains. "Enough discipline to be a good parent, and enough fun to be a good friend."

Dr. Phil welcomes Clint and Lisa to the show. "Both of y'all have bent your whole careers around having this little girl," Dr. Phil says, pointing out that Lisa stopped her acting and Clint didn't travel as much. "What was the thought process?"

Clint explains that they read all the baby books as soon as they found out they were going to be parents. "One of the things that stuck with us was secure attachment," he says. "Lily having a secure attachment and knowing who her mom and dad are."

"And you don't want to miss anything," Lisa says. "They're only little once."

"What are you going to do when these hairy-legged boys start showing up?" Dr. Phil jokes.

Clint tells a story that he told Lisa when Lily was first born. "I plan to be so much fun throughout her life that any guy that doesn't want me along on all the dates isn't worth it," he says.

"The thing is, you can make the bar so high by being such a good dad, that any boy that does not treat her at least that well, she'll tell him to go walking," Dr. Phil points out. "She'll watch how you're treated with dignity and respect," he says to Lisa. He turns to Clint, "She'll watch how she interacts with you, and some old boy comes along and tries to sell her a bill of goods and he'll be walking home."

"We wanted you all to come and share with us about Lily because I think it's just so important for people to know that you can have careers and you can be in the world that you guys are, in front of tens of thousands of people, and doing all this stuff and still keep centered and focused on what really matters," Dr. Phil tells them.

Clint sings the title track from his new album Christmas With You, and then surprises the audience with another song from this album, "Milk and Cookies."