Flasher Exposed: Thomas After the Show

What You Didn't See

Thomas reflects on his experience.


"I don't think Dr. Phil really gets it with exhibitionism," he says. "He hasn't done it. He hasn't lived with the guilt and the shame. Unless you live something like that, it's easy to sit there and tell another person from a psychiatric chair ... I don't care if you're Dr. Whatever. It doesn't matter. Unless you've lived that, you don't understand.


"I could tell that this guy is skeptical as to whether or not I have really overcome this problem. But that's because he's, obviously,

never had an obsession. I could tell by talking to this guy he's never had an obsession. He's never had an obsession that led to compulsive urges. If he had, he would understand what I'm talking about."


Thomas shares his message. "You can beat the compulsive urge. I did it. It's gone," he says.