Follow-Ups: Allison
Dr. Phil follows up with a biracial woman who yearned for a sense of belonging.

"When Dr. Phil said, 'Girl, you need to stop being so superficial with yourself,' I was just blown away," says Allison, who appeared on "Divided by Race" to discuss how growing up biracial had left her yearning for a sense of belonging and racial identity. "I realized that being superficial with myself was not just hurting me, it was hurting my kids. Now, when I look at myself, I see a mother and a daughter and a sister and a friend. I see a biracial woman and it feels so good."

Allison continues, "Before the show, I had always felt like someone had robbed me of my identity. Since the show, I accept that I cannot take responsibility for anyone else's choices or mistakes. The black and white issue is totally moot at this point. God made me the way that I am and I want to celebrate those things: my personality and who I am inside. Thanks, Dr. Phil, for helping me finally see the real me."