Chrystel Follow-Up
Dr. Phil follows up with a mother who was on the verge of abusing her child.
"Being on the Dr. Phil show was the turning point for me," says Chrystel, who appeared on "Moms on the Verge." "I will never lay another hand on one of my kids. I do use the REACH program Dr. Phil showed me. When I feel like I'm going to snap, I escape ... My relationship with Tristen has changed a lot. We love being together. When I was on the show, I was a mom on the verge. Now I feel like a mom on the rebound."
"My mom doesn't spank me anymore," says Chrystel's daughter Tristen. "She has completely changed so now our relationship is a lot better. She's the best mom in the world. Dr. Phil, you did it again. My mom's a whole new person."
"Welcome back, you have done some serious work since you were here," Dr. Phil tells Chrystel. "What did you hear when you sat on this stage that woke you up? Because you made a tremendous shift in your life."
"The biggest wake-up call for me was when you said that no matter what your child does, you never ever have the right to lay a hand on them — ever," says Chrystel. "And then when you gave me the REACH system, that was huge." Chrystel goes on to say that expressing her anger by writing in a journal has also helped.
Dr. Phil introduces his audience to Dr. Leslie Reynolds-Benns (left), who has been working with Chrystel on a daily basis since her first appearance. "Chrystel was ready to change," says Dr. Benns. "She really did not want to be that way anymore."
Chrystel: "When my kids ask me to do something, it doesn't matter what it is, my automatic response is no. My husband will ask why I say no and I don't know."
Dr. Phil tells Chrystel that she has answered her own question by admitting her responses are automatic. "There's nothing wrong with telling your children no when no is the right answer," he explains. "You need to replace one behavior with another. When you get asked something like that, have an immediate catch phrase that replaces no: 'Well, Tristen, let's think about that.' Maybe the answer is still no, but at least you go through the process."
"Tristen is here," explains Dr. Phil. "I don't usually do this, but I just have to meet this girl. Tristen, can you come out here?"
Tristen walks out onto the stage with a huge smile.
Dr. Phil asks Chrystel, "How cool is it to see that big smile on her face, instead of what we saw a year ago?"
"It's awesome," says Chrystel. "I am so much more at peace and so much happier. And she knows I love her."
Dr. Phil asks Tristen, "How's your mom doing?"
Blushing, Tristen says that her mother is doing "good."