Follow-Ups: Exclusive Exclusive
Dr. Phil follows-up with Tammy and Troy to see where there marriage is at.
After the show, a man in the audience asks Dr. Phil, "What did you mean in the difference between commanding respect and demanding respect?"

Dr. Phil says that when he trained executives, he would talk about the difference between leadership and headship. "Headship is when you're given a title," he tells him. The person has been assigned

as the head of the group from the top down. That doesn't mean anybody necessarily respects the person and when there is a problem, people don't necessarily go to them. "Leadership comes from the bottom up," he says, meaning that employees decide to follow someone and trust him.

"You command respect by what you do. You command respect by who you are, by the deeds you demonstrate to other people, by the actions that you take," Dr. Phil says. "Unless and until they see in you the things that inspire respect in them, [it will] never happen."