Follow-Ups: Greg and Estella family

Follow-Ups: Greg and Estella family

After an intruder attacked them in their home with a hatchet, Greg, Estella and their children moved into an apartment, while Dr. Phil sent in reinforcements for a home makeover. Moll Anderson, author of Change Your Home, Change Your Life, meets them at their house to give them a tour.
"I know there were a lot of negative memories before, but this was also your special place, right?" Moll asks. "So we have gutted it, and it's a place for you guys to move forward," she informs them. Moll leads the family into their completely redecorated and very secure home.


"Oh, my God," Greg says.
"It's gorgeous. This is another house," Estella says. "This is way beyond what I was expecting."

The family takes a tour of their new home, which includes a Philips 63-inch Plasma television, new furniture and state-of-the-art kitchen appliances by GE.



"It's a dream come true," Estella says in her new kitchen. 

The children are delighted by their new bedrooms. Mason gives his approval with a high five to Moll!





Their two daughters are amazed at their beautiful new bedroom. "I love it. Those are my two favorite colors," says one of their girls.  


"Wow. They're not going to want to be in any other room," Greg says.

Before entering their new bedroom, Moll tells Greg and Estella, "I know your master bedroom was the center of pain before. Now, we've created a sanctuary for you."



"This is amazing," Greg says.

"I don't even want to touch it. It's so beautiful," Estella says. "I'm very emotional. Very happy. This is going to be the beginning of our new life."

In their bathroom, Greg and Estella are astounded by the beautiful sinks and fixtures by Kohler. Estella notices the double sinks. "That is a double sink on steroids!" Greg says, laughing.


The tour doesn't end there! Moll takes them all outside to show them their new outdoor dining area from Z Gallery. "This is gorgeous," Estella says.




The family is in shock at first sight of their beautiful terrace.


"We were just very happy to be involved with this," P.J. from Pulte Homes tells the family.


"From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you very much," Estella says with a tremble in her voice.

Their safety and security was also an important factor when rethinking their home. Moll introduces Rich from Brinks.
"Dr. Phil called us and asked us to install the top of the line for you," Rich says. "All you need to do is, at the touch of a button, turn it on, and we're going to be monitoring your house,
whether you're home or away."
"Great. Thanks, Rich," Greg says.
"Thanks Dr. Phil!" the family shouts from their new home.
"This home makeover was more than a makeover," Dr. Phil says. "It's reclaiming your home after it has been violated."
To see a list of companies and people who donated their products and services for this home makeover totalling $300,000, click here.