Sharp Tongue
Dr. Phil follows up with some of his most memorable guests.
"Since being on the show, I'm a much happier person," says Jesse, who used to make fun of people everywhere she went. "After watching myself on the show, I started to realize that I was basically very unhappy with myself. I realized that I really had to make some changes. I quit focusing on other people and I started focusing on myself." She began reading Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution, started exercising and eating healthy, and has lost 60 pounds. "I've just worked through a lot of those issues that were making me feel so horrible about myself and now I feel great!"

Her husband John agrees that she's changed. "She stopped making fun of people," he says. "She's so much nicer to be around. I'm no longer embarrassed to go out in public with her."

Dr. Phil congratulates Jesse on her weight loss, and asks her why she started making changes.

"I thought I was totally a confident, self-assured person and I wasn't," she tells Dr. Phil. "When I saw that video, I realized I was looking at a person who was very unhappy with herself and had a lot of inner turmoil and conflict, and I had to work through those issues." Jesse says it was hard to watch herself because she saw that her behavior was silly and juvenile. "It hurt to watch. I realized I had to do something," she explains.

Jesse started reading the Ultimate Weight Solution, which challenged her to investigate why she had a negative attitude. "Once I started turning around and looking at myself and setting specific goals and working on reaching those goals, then I realized that I didn't have time to worry about other people," she explains. "I didn't have time to focus on everybody else because I was focused

on improving myself."

"It's interesting that you're smiling now, and you weren't smiling before," Dr. Phil points out.

Jesse says that she is much happier now, and she continues to work on her weight loss goals. "My goal is to lose another 68 pounds. I'm still working on that every day, making proper choices, and it's much easier to live like this. I'm so much happier," she says. "Thank you, because with your help, if I wouldn't have picked up that book, I wouldn't have worked through my problems. If I wouldn't have come on your show, I wouldn't have worked through my problems."