Follow-Ups: Newlyweds
Dr. Phil follows up with couples who were having trouble during their first year of marriage.

Ande and Bob
"Since the show, things here are great," says Ande, who appeared on "Surviving the First Year of Marriage" complaining about her husband Bob's golf obsession. "Dr. Phil was right. Golf wasn't the issue. Bob is really making an effort to make me feel like a priority in his life now. I don't feel like we're just roommates anymore. I'm finally starting to feel like we're a husband and wife again. I loved being on the show. I think Dr. Phil is very wise and very real."
"Thanks, Dr. Phil, for saving my marriage and improving my golf swing," says Bob.
Sandi and Rob

These newlyweds also appeared on "Surviving the First Year of Marriage" after Sandi discovered that her daughter was allergic to cats and asked Rob to get rid of his. Rob didn't want to part with his longtime pets and hoped they could find a compromise.
"Sandi says she and Rob have reached a cat compromise," explains Dr. Phil. "The cats can stay, provided they never leave their 'suite.' Everybody's happy — including the cats. That's good news to this cat man!"