Follow-Ups: Shawn

Follow-Ups: Shawn

"I am an entrepreneur and an inventor, and a few of my inventions have gone south," admits Shawn, who was almost one million dollars in the hole three years ago. "Along with my debt, I did have a taste for expensive toys." Shawn owned three corvettes, a mustang, a stock car and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.


"While I was on the Dr. Phil show, he did give me some really great advice to get me back on track. I did exactly what Dr. Phil told me to do: sell off all of the expensive toys, and I have pa

id off all of my past debts, and my business is now booming," Shawn reveals.  


While Shawn's finances are now in order, his love life is a mess. "Not long after being on the show, [my fiancée], Christina, told me that she was in love with another man. I was devastated by the news," he shares. "I have tried to move on, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to find

somebody to take Christina's place. I've even tried to find someone online. One online service informed me that there was not a match for me in the entire United States."

Shawn turns to Dr. Phil for help. "Now that I have my finances back on track, how do I repair my broken heart and move on with my life?" he asks.  

"Let's talk about the positive things," Dr. Phil says to Shawn. "You really did get out of debt. You sold a bunch of stuff. You continued working. You're obviously very successful as an entrepreneur. You're financially now in really

good shape, business is booming, things are going well, but she left you and not in a very good way."

"It was a very bad way," Shawn says.

"You just think you couldn't make her happy if she came back?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I don't feel like I could," he agrees.

Dr. Phil tells Shawn that he thinks he's a creative, nice guy who has a lot to offer. "What you're saying is you'd like to have somebody to share all of this with, right?" he asks.

"It has no value without anybody to share it with," he says.

Dr. Phil tells Shawn to look into the camera, and invites women to write in. He encourages them not to write in just because Shawn is financially successful. "This is a nice guy," he says. Turning to Shawn, he continues. "We're just going to hook you up some kind of way right here," he says. "We'll see if it's true, that out of 300 million people there's not a man, woman, dog, cat, somebody, who will work right."

"I appreciate it," Shawn says.