Frankie and Gwen: part one

Frankie and Gwen: part one

"I want to remarry my ex-husband, Frankie," Gwen says.

"I've already paid for two divorces from Gwen," Frankie says. "There's no way I'm marrying her again. When I first met Gwen, I believed she was my soul mate. I loved her a lot."

"When we got married, I don't think I was in love with him," Gwen explains. "Things happened so fast. We got pregnant, we talked about it, two weeks later we went ahead and the whole married thing happened." After 10 months, they separated the first time. Gwen says she believed Frankie was cheating. "When I confronted him, of course he denied it. We've told each other that we don't trust each other."

"Gwen goes through my papers. Gwen goes through my phone. Gwen goes through my bank records," Frankie says. He moved out and filed for divorce. "Gwen had suggested to me to live together as roommates, and I had told her if she wants to live with me, we're going to be married, so we stopped the divorce," Frankie explains. However, their home did not become peaceful. "Gwen and I argue almost every other day."

"When we're arguing, or when I tell him how I'm feeling, or when I'm hurting, or what I'm going through, he's usually very short. So I go, ‘Frankie, I need to talk to you. I need for you to listen to me,' and he starts walking away, rolling his eyes, calling me names. I'm just stupid," Gwen says.

"I cheated on Gwen, but she cheated on me too," Frankie says. "Gwen and I have a 3-year-old son named Aiden who was my first child, and I believed that he was mine when he was born. After hearing all these people say it wasn't my child, I started to doubt it myself. So one day when Gwen dropped him off, I did a DNA test on him and got the results back that ‘You're not the father.'"


"I was more in shock and more in denial," Gwen says. Tears begin to well up in her eyes. "He was the last person who I wanted to hurt, and I hurt him."

"I was a dummy for raising a child who wasn't mine. A week after I took the DNA test, I filed for divorce," Frankie says.

"The whole time that Frankie and I had been together, I honestly believed that he had more than one mistress behind my back," Gwen says. "A gentleman pulled up in my driveway, and he asked me if I was Frankie's wife. And I go, ‘Yeah.' And he's like, ‘I just want to let you know that Frankie and my wife have been messing around.'"

"So, Gwen believes him and confronts me about it. I said, ‘I'm not seeing her. I don't want to be with her,'" Frankie says. 

"They were intimate with each other. It only lasted two, three days. I don't think Frankie is cheating on me now. I have my doubts," she says. Although they are now divorced, Frankie and Gwen still live together. "He still introduces me as his wife. I introduce him as my husband. I would like Dr. Phil to tell Frankie I would like to get remarried. I think we both deserve a second chance and to do it right the second time," Gwen says, tearfully.

Frankie laughs. "Gwen is crazy if she thinks we're going to get married again," he says.

Dr. Phil goes over their marriage history: They got married, then filed for divorce but didn't complete it the first time. They filed a second time, and the divorce became final seven months ago. "And you want to get married again?" Dr. Phil asks Gwen.

"Well, we had spoken about it before. I thought it was a mutual thing," she says. However, when she broached the subject with a priest recently, Frankie looked shocked.

"I was caught off guard because she never spoke to me about talking to him about it," Frankie says.

"Do you want to be married to her?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Not until she gets help. She's crazy," Frankie says. "I don't want to pay for another divorce. I want her to get counseling, get fixed in the head, and then we'll talk about getting married."

"What's wrong with her in the head?"

"She doesn't have a realistic vision of life and expectations of a husband and family," he says. "She lives in this fantasy world that her childhood has given her. Like, she wants four kids because her mother has four kids. She wants me to barbecue because her brother and her father barbecued. When we first got together, she said, ‘You cannot watch sports. My father and brothers never watched sports. A real man plays sports; he doesn't watch sports.'"

Dr. Phil tells Frankie that those things don't exactly mean she's crazy. He wants to know what Frankie's real issue is with Gwen. "I'm not saying that she's not all out of whack. Maybe she is all out of whack "  " Turning to Gwen, he adds, "We're talking about you as if you're not here, but if you're crazy, you probably won't notice." Turning back to Frankie, he continues, "What is it really? First off, this first child is not yours, and you absolutely thought it was. So what was your reaction to that?"

"I fell to my knees and started crying," Frankie says. "It was emotional because it was my first child, and I put so much into it. It was my mother's first grandchild, my sister's first nephew. We were all emotionally vested into it … And when I found out he wasn't mine, it just hurt. And to know that she knew he wasn't mine and didn't tell me, or give me the option to make the decision to stay with her and the child or not, really hurt me more."

"Did you know that wasn't his baby?" Dr. Phil asks Gwen.

"Not in the beginning, no," she says. "I apologized [and said] that I never wanted to hurt him, and I'm so sorry because in my heart I believed that Aiden was his."
Dr. Phil questions their living arrangements. "If you want out of this, why are y'all still playing house?" he asks Frankie.

"I like the fact of being a husband. I like the fact of being a father. I like doing for my children. And I actually waited until I was older to be a father," Frankie says. He explains that although only one of their children is his, he's an active father to all three. "I'm in the house now because I do want that. That's what I do want, is to be a father, and that's why I stayed with her." Frankie doesn't think Gwen appreciates him. "We're both full-time students. I work, and I help her with the kids. She's with the kids about the same amount of time as I am, but she wants me to clean the house, pick up the house. Why should I?"

"The house is picked up. The only thing I usually ask him for is help because I'm cooking, I've got a baby on my hips. He's lying down, watching TV the whole time [he's] home," Gwen says.

The couple argue about the division of labor.

"Are you sure y'all aren't married?" Dr. Phil quips.