From Wall Street Trader to Bank Robber: Part 1

Suspect Stephen
Jeanne says that she, along with her well-to-do commodities trader husband, Stephen, had what she considered the perfect life. “He took such good care of me,” she says. “Stephen was the love of my life — my knight in shining armor. He was an amazing husband and an amazing dad.” <br><br>Jeanne says that one early afternoon, Stephen called her following a fishing trip to share his accolades, and simply never returned home. <br><br>“When the police officer told me what happened, I was in shock,” she shares. Stephen had been pulled over later that day by police for driving with a broken taillight, but was arrested and charged with a crime that shocked everyone who thought they knew him. Authorities told Jeanne that they suspected Stephen was a serial bank robber. <br><br>“I said, ‘You have the wrong man. You have to have the wrong man,’” she remembers telling them. Jeanne says that Stephen reassured her of his innocence, but she later came to find out that he was lying about that too. The truth would eventually be revealed: Stephen had robbed 10 banks in four months, using a hat and sunglasses to conceal his identity, and had stolen more than $60,000.<br><br>[AD]In a pre-recorded interview, Stephen says he remembered thinking, “’I need money. I need money right now.’ I came to this epiphany that there is no other way. If I want to hold on to everything, I have to steal money.” He remembers the ease at which he attempted his first bank robbery. He says he approached a female teller, handed her a note, and she stuffed a plastic bag full of money. He says he was in and out of the bank in less than 30 seconds. <br>Jeanne joins Dr. Phil. She tells him that she didn’t know Stephen was engaging in illegal activity, or that their financial situation was dire. Once Stephen was arrested, he came clean about everything. “To this day, I cannot wrap my mind around why he did this, and why he chose this,” Jeanne says.

Prosecutors were only able to tie Stephen to three robberies. In exchange for him disclosing more information, he was offered a more lenient sentence of only nine years in prison.

Stephen recalls the pain of telling his young boys that he was going away. “It was very emotional and very hard for me because I was trying to be strong for them,” he says.

Jeanne moves to the green room, and Stephen joins Dr. Phil via satellite in his first interview since being released from prison. Stephen is now on parole and fitted with an ankle bracelet that limits his travel to New York State. He asks to speak to Dr. Phil without his now ex-wife, Jeanne, present.

Stephen reveals the moment when he decided he had no other choice but to rob a bank. And, did he think he could get away with it?

[AD]Dr. Phil asks Stephen if he realized the severity and consequences of his criminal activity and he says he didn’t.

Stephen shares why he chose to rob banks without a weapon. And, is he sorry for his actions now?

Dr. Phil opens up to Stephen about some hidden mistakes he believes he’s made and is still making.

Dr. Phil asks Stephen about speaking directly to Jeanne, who has been in the green room, but he declines and asks that they continue to be interviewed separately.