Girls Misbehaving

Girls Misbehaving
Working moms and stay-at-home moms go head to head in debating the best way to raise children.
Leanne is a single mother of a 9-year-old Tad and 12-year-old Jessica. "I'm not happy wth some of the girls Jessica is choosing as friends. They're bullies and are mean to other kids. I find that as she gets older I can't control who she socializes with," says Leanne. "I don't think Jessica is a mean person, but she stands behind her clique when they tease other kids."

Leanne tells Dr. Phil that Jessica shows one side of her personality to her friends and another to her family at home. "She's a very kind, loving child," says Leanne.

Dr. Phil suggests that Jessica is friends with the tough kids because it prevents her from getting picked on by those kids.

"I've tried to explain compassion to her," says Leanne about Jessica's mean streak.

"That's not a concept she embraces," says Dr. Phil, but warns Leanne not to take a "hands-off approach."

Dr. Phil then tells Leanne that most people make decisions out of fear and that Jessica is probably doing the same thing.

Dr. Phil suggests that Leanne to ask Jessica to perform the following:

Describe what she hopes people will say about her when she's not around.

Write the story of her life up until now, and how she wants it to be in the future.