Tricks of the Trade

"I'm a 24-year-old self-proclaimed gold digger," Baje says proudly. "Men want women for sex, and women want men for money. Dating is not on my mind. My goal is all about the Benjamins."

She describes her ideal sugar daddy. "The right type of man would be a man who has the funds and the mentality to spoil me. I can't be bought. I'm not looking for a relationship. I'm not looking for intimacy," she says. "I'm just looking to get as much as I can out of life, both materialistically and in other ways. Sex is the last thing on my mind."

[AD]"I have fun gold-digging. It's like a game," says Baje's friend, Michelle. "I make my own money, but if men are willing to give me their money for free, I'll take it. Baje taught me everything about getting money from men, shopping sprees, getting my bills paid. I believe I have the ability to turn the switch off on the whole gold-digging thing; Baje doesn't. This is her life. She's never going to stop."

Baje shows off her gold-digging kit, essentials for a night out on the town. "Lipgloss. This is a diamond tester. I use it for gifts. Instead of going all the way to the jewelry store to see if it's real, I use my diamond tester. The last thing is a counterfeit detector pen, because I've been unfortunate enough to have received some fake bills a couple of years ago. It'll never happen again."

Dr. Phil cameras follow Baje as she goes on the prowl for rich men.

"My goal for tonight is get a dress, a camera or a BlackBerry. I mean I'm going to find a man to buy those items for me. The key to attracting men is to dress. Show off, OK, maybe not that much, but show off a little something," she says, pulling up her snug spaghetti-strap dress. "Something form-fitting.


"Usually, I step in the club by myself, because it's easier to get noticed when I'm not with a group of people," she continues. "Men like women who don't pay much attention to them. The one strategy I have is I usually go straight to the bar and buy my own a drink. Most of the time, somebody comes up just in time so I don't have to pay for it." [AD]

Not impressed with the quality of clientele at one club, Baje says, "My plan is to go to Provocateur. I heard the crowd there is a little more my speed."

"She's so hot," one man says. "I want to take her to my home right now."

"He was a waiter," Baje says. "Nothing wrong with waiters, but how is he going to support me? It probably won't work."

Baje and Michelle join Dr. Phil onstage. "I am fascinated by this," he tells Baje. "I'm fascinated a) that you do it, and b) that it's just OK."

"For the most part, I think it's OK, because most of the time, men approach me," she says. "I feel like the main reason they're approaching me is for sex."

Dr. Phil turns to Michelle. "You are in training, right?" he asks, trying to keep a straight face. 

"Right," she replies. "I agree with her, because most of the men she gets, they have money to burn. It's nothing to them."

[AD]"Why should they give it to you?" he asks Baje.

"Why do they give it to me? I guess because they're expecting something else in return," she replies.

"You think?" Dr. Phil says wryly.

"They don't really get it. Well, they don't get it at all."

"So you don't have sex with any of these guys?" Dr. Phil probes.

"No," Baje answers.

"How do you decide what you're after?" Dr. Phil asks Baje.

"A couple years ago, I came up with something that I call a wish list, and I write down everything I want, from short-term to long-term," she explains. "Every time I meet someone, it's my goal to have them get something off that list for me."

"Really?" Dr. Phil can't hide his amazement. "What's the biggest thing on your list?"

"My house, which I already got," she replies.

"Somebody bought you a house?"

"They gave me money, and I bought the house."

"Do you have a job?"

Baje says she has a talent agency. "I've been running that for three years, and also modeling and acting," she replies.

[AD]"You're advertising, right? You go out there, you dress provocatively, you go to target-rich environments. You get in places where you'll draw attention from men who have money?"

"I dress how most women would dress when they go out for a night on the town," Baje says. "I'm comfortable with my body."

Dr. Phil turns to Michelle. "You say you could quit this, but she couldn't. She's a dyed-in-the-wool gold digger and will be forever."

"Right. She doesn't ever want to settle down with anybody," she replies. "It's just not normal. It's not human. Everybody eventually wants to settle down with somebody and get married."

Dr. Phil consults his notes. "You refer to men as ‘targets' and ‘victims,'" he tells Baje. "So how do you spot a rich guy?"

"There's no one specific technique," she replies. "Some people look like they have a lot of money, and they really don't. Most of the guys who really have money are low-key."

"So, have you scanned the audience?" Dr. Phil jokes.

[AD]"No, I haven't had the time to. I've been focused on Dr. Phil," Baje responds. 

Dr. Phil gives her a knowing smile.

Baje explains why she feels entitled to a life of luxury. "I'm a very hard worker. I've been working since I was 15. I put myself through college, worked two jobs. I've been on my own since I was 17. I started in the modeling and entertainment industry when I was about 18, by myself," she says. "I got tired of men approaching me: 'OK. I want to get in your magazine.' 'Yes, you can be in my magazine, but you're going to have to sleep with me, go to dinner with me. It can be business but pleasure also.' I got tired of that, so I guess it was a defense mechanism."