Gossip Girls: Kailey

Gossip Girls: Kailey

"My daughter's life has been ruined by real-life gossip girls," says Kim. "A nude photo of Kailey, my 13-year-old daughter, was taken and circulated to the entire football team. Two girls on the cheerleading squad took a picture without her even knowing."


Kailey, who's the head cheerleader, was invited to a sleepover with some of her cheer teammates, and she says the next morning while she was in the shower, her two friends snuck into the bathroom. One girl distracted her from the front, and the other girl took a picture of her backside with a cell phone camera. "They ran out of the bathroom and forwarded the picture to one of the boys on the football team," Kim reveals.


"I really thought they were my good friends, and they just turned around and stabbed me in the back," says Kailey, who didn't know the picture had been taken. "I couldn't believe that one of my friends would actually do that to me."


When Kailey went to school after the incident, she saw a bunch of people looking at something and laughing. "One of my guy friends told me that it's been floating around school; a naked picture of me. It just really shocked me," she shares. "The first boy on the football team passed it to another boy in choir, and then everybody had it."


The next day, the two girls were suspended and kicked off the cheer squad. "The parents were outraged, and got an attorney, and threatened the school, and the girls are now back on the squad," Kim says. "


Kailey was disappointed in the punishment. "Something should have been done to them because they humiliated me," she says.

"School's been very tough on my daughter since all this happened," says Kim, adding that Kailey's grades have suffered. "It's been a nightmare for my daughter. What another child might feel is a prank could ruin someone's life."


"I don't have as many friends as I used to. People are t

reating me differently," Kailey reveals. 


"Kailey's life has basically been turned upside down," Kim laments. "My daughter's being treated more like an outcast than the victim. What they thought might have been a joke was definitely not a joke. It stripped my daughter of her youth and innocence."


Kim wants the girls to apologize to her daughter and their parents to take responsibility. "The parents should acknowledge the fact that the girls have done something wrong," she says. "I want to see the girls held accountable for their actions. The parents should take some sort of responsibility and punish their child themselves." She says she got no support from either of the girls' parents. "This is a Class A felony."

Mauricio, the father of Ruby, the girl who allegedly distracted Kailey while the picture was taken, says the girls were just playing around, and everyone needs to move on. "It was just one of those dumb mistakes kids make," he says. "I'm at peace with myself that my daughter got disciplined through the school."


Ruby says, "We didn't mean to, like, do it on purpose. We were just doing it because we thought it was funny."


Her father agrees. "As far as I'm concerned, nothing provocative or anything serious was shown," he explains. "Let it go because you know, the healing process starts when you start to forgive and forget."


Ruby has a message for Kailey. "I just want to tell her that I'm sorry. I know we can't be friends again, but we don't have to be enemies," she says.

"How is life for you now, Kailey?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Since all of this happened, it's just been really hard going to school with everybody, because we live in a small town, and so everybody knows about it," she says.

"She's embarrassed," Kim adds. "Everybody, it seems like, saw this picture."


"What does the picture show?" Dr. Phil asks.

"You can see her left breast and the top of her backside," Kim says, explaining that she hasn't seen the photo, but Kailey saw it on someone's phone and told her about it.

Dr. Phil addresses Mauricio, who joins the show via phone. "You say there are not any parents, no school officials, not anybody in authority who has actually seen this picture," he says.

"There's no proven picture that's basically been seen and described the way they're describing it," he says.
Dr. Phil lays out the facts. Both parents agree there was a picture taken and that it was inappropriate to take it and circulate it. "Is part of your position that Kailey actually posed for this picture?" Dr. Phil asks Mauricio.

"No, not at all," he says.

"That's part of the gossip that's gone around," Dr. Phil points out. He asks Kailey if she posed for the picture.

I did not pose for the picture," Kailey says firmly.

The girls were suspended from school for three days. "In the cheer constitution it states that if you're suspended for any reason from school, that you are dismissed from the cheerleading team, which they were," Kim explains.

Dr. Phil adds that the girls were reinstated and the suspension was expunged from their record.