Gossip Girls: other victim

Gossip Girls: other victim

"My daughter, Savannah, has been the victim of mean behavior," says Kelli, about her 12-year-old. "Savannah was at a sleepover, and two girls took a picture of her in her bra and panties. My daughter realized they took the picture
and were laughing about it. She grabbed the phone and immediately deleted it. It was the very same girls who took the picture of Kailey."


"I feel so bad for Kailey," Savannah says.


In his studio, Dr. Phil asks Kelli, "How do you feel about all of this?" 

"No matter what Mauricio thinks, it's not the first time that it's happened," Kelli says. "Yes, it was a prank, but these pranks are wrong. You cannot do this to children. Other kids should not be doing this and then turn around and put the blame back on these girls. They didn't do anything wrong."


"Y'all now say that [the other parents] are attacking you as well," Dr. Phil says to Kelli and Kim. "They're dogging on you because you are standing up for your

daughters and saying that this is wrong to do."


They confirm.


Dr. Phil asks Mauricio, "How would you feel if this picture had been taken of Ruby?"


"I would do the same things the mother would do," he says. "I would go desperate, and go crazy and just go anywhere I can to get help, and she's doing the right thing, but she went to the media immediately and brought it to the Houston market."

Michael is the father of the girl who is reported to have taken the picture, and he created a Web site in

defense of his daughter. "He says, ‘This site has been established to protect and defend the honor, integrity and dignity of two very brave young girls who, in the wake of insurmountable odds, did the right thing,'" he reads. "'We apologized about the incident several times to no avail. We asked what we could do now, and they said, "Her life is ruined." The mother and sister began to complain and berate us again. I promptly showed them the door. They threatened me as they left, telling me, "You're messing with the wrong people. You haven't seen anything yet."' True?" Dr. Phil asks Kim.

"That is a complete lie," she says. "When we went to their house, I went as a parent. I never raised my voice."

"How do you feel about him referring to these two girls involved in taking this picture as two very brave little girls?" Dr. Phil asks.

"They're brave for what they did and sent this photo out knowing what it was going to do," she says. "He thinks they're brave because they told the truth. Just because you tell the truth doesn't mean it wipes out the actions that you did, and he doesn't understand that."

Dr. Phil offers his father's advice; spend five percent of your time figuring out whether it's fair, and right, or not, and 95 percent of

your time figuring out what you're going to do about it. "When you're the target of gossip, when somebody's picking on you, that's not fair, and it's not right," he tells Kailey and Savannah, but he informs them that it will probably happen again in the future. "The question is what are you going to do about it? If you let it get to you, if you let it change who you are, and how you feel about who you are and start to distract you from your schoolwork, and having fun and laughing, then you've given power away."


Dr. Phil addresses the moms. "This is a battle you can't win, because it's elusive and there are half-truths," he says. "You're fighting an invisible guerrilla war here. What's happened has happened." He acknowl

edges their pain and reminds them that he raised two sons. "There's a situation where cooler heads need to prevail. You don't like the outcome. It's not fair, but it is. It just is what it is, and at some point you just have to say, 'It's not going to be fair, but I've got to put my daughter's interest above revenge. I've got to put my daughter's interest above justice. I've got to move on.' I promise you, if these girls keep being this way, it will catch up."