Gossip Girls: Web site

Gossip Girls: Web site

"I work for a Web site that lets people put up the gossip they hear, but it also lets you defend yourself," says 24-year-old Elizabeth. "GossipReport.com is an online forum where users can read, write and share gossip with their friends. Other social networks only give you half the story. On GossipReport you get the other side of the story, what people really think about you. If you hear gossip about your friend, you can post it online and s
ee what everybody else is saying. Gossip spreads like wildfire, but with this site, you actually have a chance to defend yourself."

She turns to Dr. Phil. "Everybody gossips. GossipReport.com is just a better way to do what everybody does. What do you think, Dr. Phil?"


"I'm not sure you want to know what I think," Dr. Phil tells Elizabeth in the studio. "Come on, this is just a place for people to go trash each other, right?"

"I really don't see it that way," she says. "Gossip is, like I said, something that everybody does, and it serves a really great purpose in society. It's how society polices itself. It's how people look at the people that they're ar

ound and say, ‘Your actions are acceptable,' or ‘Your actions are not acceptable.' And it's that conversation that we're trying to bring out in the open, so that when something's said, the person that it's being said about can defend themselves."

"So, you're just being a guardian of society," Dr. Phil says with skepticism. "What if it's lies?"

"There are users who say good things, and there are users who say bad things," Elizabeth says.

"Isn't most of the traffic very negative?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Each member does what they want to do," Elizabeth replies.

Dr. Phil repeats his question, and Elizabeth admits that some posts are negative.


"I assume that people have the guts to put their name on there, and sign off and let people know who they are?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Not always. Sometimes," Elizabeth says. "This is an anonymous forum, and that's a good thing, because there are people who maybe wouldn't speak up for something that they want to say. Maybe they're afraid to say it in the open. This gives everybody a chance to have a voice."


Dr. Phil introduces Kristen, who was the victim of gossip on Elizabeth's site. An a

nonymous user claimed Kristen was driving around town drunk. "This wasn't fun for you, right?" Dr. Phil asks.

"No, it wasn't fun," she says, noting that on this site many of the users are college aged.

"Who did it?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I have no clue," Kristen says.

Although Kristen believes the person who posted about her was a woman because of the screen name, Dr. Phil tells her it was actually a man. "That's the whole point. You don't have an opportunity to face your accuser," he says. "They get screen names, and they hide behind those, which I think is really a chicken way to do things."