Guilty Moms: Staff

Staff Members Speak Out
Several Dr. Phil staff members, who have been listening to the show in the control room, want to speak their mind. Dr. Phil introduces Carla Pennington, executive producer of Dr. Phil, a single working mother, and Anita Pepper, a show producer, the daughter of a working mom.

"I just don't like these comments that kids are better off if their moms stay at home. My kids are happy and adjusted," says Carla, who has 9-year-old twins. "They're very well-mannered, do well in school. I keep track of all of their homework."Mommy blogger Heather weighs in. "I think that there are a lot of women who might feel like Jessica, who might feel isolated and might feel like they aren't living what Jessica is telling us we should feel like. We lost the village. There is no more village around to help us take care of our children. We don't live near our families, we don't know our neighbors," she points out. "I think that technology, and perhaps my blog -- I attribute it to saving my life -- we are recreating this village to help us."

"It's hard to stay home and not have a job. Society doesn't really respect or honor stay-at-home moms. I always get, 'Oh, she's just a mom,'" says an audience member. "I used to think that working moms were wonder women " you worked and you had a child. Then when I quit my job and stayed home, I realized stay-at-home moms are wonder women."

Dr. Phil addresses Anita, a show producer. "Were you in daycare?" he asks.

"It was a house daycare. It was me and a bunch of other kids. My mom would drop me off in the morning before work," she answers. "My mom is still one of my best friends. I'm so close to my mom, and I was unbelievably close to the daycare provider. I felt so comfortable and safe."