The Rabbi
Martin Landau plays Rabbi Albert Lewis. He joins the show.

Albom discusses his lifelong relationship with the real-life Rabbi Albert Lewis.

Dr. Phil asks Albom how closely the movie scenes parallel his real-life relationship with Rabbi Lewis.

Albom explains that, in one scene, the only difference was that, in real life, the conversation took place in the hospital, as opposed to the front porch. Otherwise, “it was word for word,” he says. “And that joy that Martin expresses — that twinkle — was exactly how the rabbi spoke.”

[AD]“Did it make you think about dying?” Dr. Phil asks Landau.

“Yes, it did. Of course it did,” Landau confesses. "It [also] made me realize that [God] is there if you want him there."

“You actually sang in this movie?” Dr. Phil asks Landau.

Landau says that Rabbi Lewis was known to sing — and his singing oftentimes embarrassed Albom. He continues, “He loved life, and he loved teaching."