Have They Changed?
Find out how Dr. Phil's advice changed the lives of an inventor, a shy pianist, and a single woman.
David's Update
David, a father of seven, spent 18 years and $50 thousand of his own money working on his teddy bear idea, Teddy-2-Cute, while working full-time. When he appeared on "How to Make Millions," Kathy Levine of the Home Shopping Network decided that his product was good enough to be featured on HSN. What has happened since?

David: Before Dr. Phil, I had zero dollars in sales. After Dr. Phil, we've had half a million dollars worth of retail sales. It's been 18 long years, sewing stitch by stitch in my closet, and that moment on the Dr. Phil show has changed everything. We're selling Teddy-2-Cute on HSN, teddy2cute.com, through my office at my day job, and through a few local stores ...
After the show, we needed to find someone to make the bears as quickly as possible. We lined up with a factory in China and it was a very moving experience to see my product finally being made after all these years. Dr. Phil, from the bottom of my heart and my family's heart, we're very, beary thankful.
Danielle's Update
When Danielle appeared on "Project Single Girls, Part 2," she said she couldn't find the right guy because nobody met the criteria on her deal breakers checklist. She's now met the man of her dreams and says it's all because of something Dr. Phil said to her.

Danielle: Thanks to Dr. Phil, I'm no longer single. I'm engaged! After the show, I revised my checklist and decided that [a man already having] children was not an automatic deal breaker. As it turns out, I'm now engaged to a man who has a child. When I first met Phillip and he mentioned that he had a child, a red flag immediately went up. I was making a quick judgment. And then I remembered the advice that Dr. Phil gave me on the show: If you make a quick judgment and put them off because of your checklist, you can miss some really nice guys. Phillip has a 2-year-old son who lives out of state with his mother. I would have missed him if I hadn't listened to Dr. Phil!
Danielle now asks Dr. Phil about a new challenge she is facing.

Danielle: My fiancé is in the navy and is currently deployed. He's scheduled to come back five days before the wedding. The reason we're getting married early is because he's scheduled to deploy for a six to eight month cruise in February. How do I stay connected and still have that intimacy with someone with all the challenges during the first year of marriage when he's gone?

Dr. Phil: It can be a challenge you can step up to if you prepare ... Whether you're separated for a period of time or not, marriage is all about preparation. The outcomes to most marriages are determined before they ever take place. Don't just plan the wedding. Plan the marriage. Do your homework and talk about all of the important things: children, career, division of labor, religion, in-laws — all of the things that come into play when you merge two lives together. Then you can have a plan that both of you can be excited about.
Dr. Phil: You were also concerned because you've only known each other nine months?

Danielle: Right. We met right after the show.

Dr. Phil:
Interestingly enough, long engagements don't predict long marriages. The best predictor of a long marriage seems to be a relationship that's anywhere between six to 18 months long before getting married. With anything longer than that, I think it's that if it took them that long to talk themselves into it, maybe it wasn't a good idea. So if it felt right and you're in that window, you have an awful lot going for you. But you have to plan for it, talk about it and have flexible expectancies going forward.
Jennifer's Update
A lack of confidence kept Jennifer, a classically trained pianist, from playing the piano in front of anyone for 14 years — until she performed on "Dr. Phil's Confidence Course." Jennifer had a viewing party the day the show aired, and for the first time, her friends heard her play.

Jennifer: When he said, "Bring out the piano," I almost died! I felt chills, like the blood had left my body. Dr. Phil wanted me to do it. His faith in me really drove me to sit down and play that piece. I was terrified that I was going to make a mistake but then I could feel the support of everyone in the audience and it just carried me right through the piece ... I looked at the message boards on drphil.com and people wrote in thanking me for my performance. Everybody was so happy for me. It was very uplifting.