Have They Changed?
Dr. Phil follows up with rude guests to find out if they learned some manners.
Jennifer's Update

Jennifer hoped that Dr. Phil could help her husband Ed with his "barbaric" table manners on "That's Rude!" But as it turned out, Jennifer was just as rude as Ed! She admitted that she was insulting to service people because it was an easy and convenient way to vent. Her victims were usually waiters, customer service representatives and people who worked in retail establishments. Dr. Phil arranged to give her a challenge after she left the show: for her to wait tables in a busy restaurant during rush hour. Did the experience change Jennifer's outlook?

Jennifer: I didn't realize how complicated it would be or how much running around there really is. This is my nightmare! I can't wait to go back to accounting! My feet hurt, my back hurts, I have a headache ... I promise I will never be rude to a service person again!
Dr. Phil: Have you tried some of the things I told you like making compliments? When a waiter is busy, I always say, "You know, you are running around so much, you should be on rollerskates."

Jennifer: Yes, I tried the rollerskating comment and it worked. In fact, I got a $3 dollar coupon off the next time I go in because I was so nice!

Dr. Phil: When you're dealing with service people, and some of them are sour and hostile, it's important to understand that anger is just what shows. What's behind it is usually hurt, fear or frustration. Sometimes if you respond to what's behind the anger instead of what you're seeing, it might be a great opportunity for you to pat that person on the back and say, "Thanks for helping me today."

Jennifer: I tell you, people are nice when you're nice to them!
Ed's Update
Next, Dr. Phil turns to Jennifer's husband Ed, who likes to shovel food into his mouth, lick his fingers clean and put his elbows on the table. Hoping that he can learn some table manners from a previous success story, Dr. Phil sends Ed out to dinner with Stirlyn, who had bad table manners himself until Dr. Phil arranged an etiquette class for him on "Your Etiquette Questions Answered." They begin with a salad. As usual, Ed begins shoveling his food into his mouth.

Stirlyn: Ed, slow down! What are you doing? Nobody is going to take your salad, man. Enjoy your food. Savor it.

After finishing his salad, Ed rests his elbows on table.

Stirlyn: Ed, what is this on the table? No elbows on the table!
Next, they move on to the main course: pasta. Ed shovels as much spaghetti as he can into his mouth.

Stirlyn: What are you doing? No shoveling, slurping, twisting or twirling. Cut the spaghetti into small pieces and bring the spaghetti up to your mouth — not your mouth to your plate.

Ed follows Stirlyn's instructions and then proceeds to lick his fingers.

Stirlyn: Ed! Did you just lick your fingers?

Ed: Yeah, it's so good!

Stirlyn: That's disgusting! Use your napkin.

By the time dinner is over, Ed is sure that his wife is going to be very pleased with the table manners he has just learned.
Patty's Update
Patty's best friend Christine brought her to the show because of her disrespectful cell phone habits. Patty's cell phone rang constantly and she answered it no matter where she was or who she was with — even at funerals and weddings! When Patty admitted she didn't think her behavior was rude, Dr. Phil explained to her that the message she was sending out was, "I'm the most important person here. Hold those thoughts and wait for me to get off the phone. I'll get right back to you." Did Patty take this advice to heart?

Patty: Since being on the Dr. Phil show, I've decided to let my phone calls go to voice mail. Waiting a few minutes to call someone back won't be the end of the world. I have stopped answering my cell phone at weddings, funerals, movie theaters and places like that. When Dr. Phil asked me if I really believed that my time was more valuable than my friends', that opened my eyes ... I'm now dating a really great guy and am in love. When we're together, I give him all my attention. I'd rather spend time with him than pay attention to my cell phone. My cell phone bill has gone from roughly $400 a month to $100.