Heroes and Role Models

Heroes and Role Models
Dr. Phil finds out why family freeloaders are taking advantage of the ones they love.
Jane Kaczmarek, an actress on the hit show Malcolm in the Middle, has also dedicated her life to helping children.

"Children who volunteer are twice as likely to become adults who volunteer," says Kaczmarek. "We're not raising children; we're raising adults."

Clothes Off Our Back is a charity Kaczmarek started with her husband. Celebrities auction their dresses to help needy kids and the money primarily goes to Cure Autism Now. Kaczmarek holds up an ad for the organization with a picture of Jennifer Aniston that reads, "Jennifer Aniston was a big winner at the Emmys last year. So were the 50,000 children who got immunizations when she let us auction off her dress."

Kaczmarek tells Dr. Phil, "Wearing an evening gown to the biggest awards ceremony in the world pales in comparison to what it feels like to help a child in need."

She adds, "This is our 15 minutes. We've decided to use it to draw attention and raise money for causes we believe in."