Sabotaging Spouse?
"The holidays " Clint says no diets, no workouts. It's all about eating what he wants," Kim says. "Every holiday, Clint says, ‘Bring out your fat clothes,' and I say, ‘We are wearing our fat clothes.'"
"It's a fiesta, it's a party, and Dad's in the kitchen just cooking up a storm," says Clint, who is from Trinidad and considers most gatherings a celebration. Yet, he admits that he could stand to shed a few pounds. "Last year, I put on about 30 pounds."
[AD]Kim shares what her holiday menu will consist of. "We're going to have ham, cranberries, potatoes, sweet potato pie, peach betty, homemade bread, butter, sweat bread," she says. She also plans to have roast pork, tri-tip and two turkeys " one of them fried.

"Just talking about it, I'm getting hungry," Clint says. He reflects on holidays past. "I've eaten to the point where I feel I'm going to blow up."
"I sit in a sugar coma for months," Kim complains. "They say people gain about 12 pounds over the holidays. At our house? Try 20!"
Dr. Phil addresses Kim. "You do want to lose weight," he says. Pointing to Clint, he says, "We're suspect about him."
Clint shakes his head, and Dr. Phil says, "You don't care?"
"Nope," Clint says.
"What would you say if I told you that you could be 17 days away from breaking the cycle?" Dr. Phil asks.
Kim gives him a high five. "I need that," she says.
Clint and Kim say their problem with food isn't just during the holidays; it's year round.
[AD]Dr. Phil has wheelbarrows brought onstage to illustrate the amount of food Clint and Kim consume in one year: 260 pounds of sugar, 288 cans of condensed milk, 24 large tubs of butter and two large tubs of shortening.
"What do you think of that?" Dr. Phil asks Kim, gesturing to the mountain of fat and sugar.
"That's awful," she says. "That has to stop."
"What do you think about it, Clint?" Dr. Phil inquires.
"Love it," he replies with a smile.
On videotape, Kim says, "I know I can say no to the food, but I wouldn't want to, because my husband would probably have real issues."
"If she's turning heads now, could you imagine if she dropped some pounds?" Clint asks. "I'm a jealous guy, and there's a lot of guys out there who don't care, and they want what I have."
"I think Clint is sabotaging me," Kim says.
"I know if she drops the weight, it's going to be crazy."
"He says he loves the thickness, but I really think he doesn't want anyone else to look at me," Kim says, growing tearful. "I would rather lose weight so I can be happy with myself. It's important to me. I need him to want what I want. I have to do it for me, so we can continue to have a strong, happy marriage and life."
[AD]"Did you hear her say she really does want to lose weight?" Dr. Phil asks Clint.
"Yes," he answers.
"Do you support her losing some weight?"
"Yes, some," Clint says, "for health reasons."
"Are you keeping her overweight so you feel safe?" Dr. Phil asks Clint.
"Yes," he replies.
"Our staff says you were trying to feed her potato chips before the show," Dr. Phil teases.