Holiday Extravaganza, Part 2: More Party

Holiday Extravaganza, Part 2: More Party

Dr. Phil and Robin thought a comedian with a big heart would be a fun surprise for the kids, so they called up Saturday Night Live funnyman, Jimmy Fallon! He recently wrote a children's book called Snowball Fight. Jimmy shows up to read his book to the children.

Not long into the book, Jimmy stops reading and picks up a guitar to sing the book instead. With the audience's participation, he really gets into his performance!

Afterward, Jimmy hangs out with the kids. "These are the cutest kids ever and they're a good audience," he says. They begin to sing "Snowball Fight" again, and soon, someone throws a snowball. It's not long before everyone is covered in snow!

"They attacked me with snowballs of love. That one 4-year-old has got a good arm!" says Jimmy, laughing.


It's time for karaoke with Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. Will they discover the next American Idol?

Randy and Paula lead groups of children through renditions of "Frosty the Snowman."

"I hope that all of these kids that have been through hurt and heartache can remember for many years to come that this was a very special event," says Paula.

"I was very excited because I'm a big Dr. Phil fan," says Randy, "and then when I heard that there were mostly kids from Louisiana, I grew up in Baton Rouge and my heart goes out every time. And there's a lot of us helping you and we'll continue to help and make sure that you prosper and get back on your feet."


Paula calls Dr. Phil up on stage for a dance lesson! "I think I'm going to attempt to teach Dr. Phil maybe a hip move or something. I know it's going to be impossible, so it might just be a snap or a clap on the downbeat," she jokes.

"I'm 55 years old. I've never danced in my life," Dr. Phil tells her.

"Not even at your wedding?" she asks.

"No. I picked her up and carried her around."

Paula teaches Dr. Phil how to swivel his hips, much to the delight of the entire audience.

"He's got no rhythm!" laughs Robin.


Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton joins the party on the ice rink! He wows the audience with his spectacular skating.

"The only time I've seen him is on TV," says one little boy. "And wow. To see him live? That's amazing."

Now it's Robin's turn for some fun. She straps on some skates and Scott takes her for a spin! "The Olympics are in two months. You're on your way," Scott tells her.


Dr. Phil announces another celebrity surprise: Singing sensation Jesse McCartney! He brings his favorite game for all the children — Twister Moves — an electronic dance version of the classic Twister game.

Jesse greets his fans and helps get some of them get into their skates.

Then it's time for the kids to hit the ice! Scott helps some of the little ones ice skate for the very first time.

"It's great to get the kids on the ice and maybe experience ice for the very first time," says Scott. "I think for a lot of these families, these children, this time of year will really start the healing process. And it's just really fun to be a part of that."


Performing next is Martina McBride! She sings a beautiful rendition of "The Christmas Song."

"Christmastime is such a special time

for children, so it was important for me to be part of this, and to bring a little cheer and joy, and make the holidays happy for them," says Martina. "These families have been through so much, and to make their Christmas a little easier is just fantastic. It's what Christmas is all about."

Martina McBride's CD, "Timeless," is available in stores now.


Then, Spiderman drops in on the party. "We have Spiderman action figures for everybody!" he tells the children.


Donald Trump sends a video message. "Hi Dr. Phil and Robin. I wish I could be there because I hear you're having one amazing party. But I've teamed up with Audiovox and I'm getting everybody at the party the Audiovox D-1420. It's a terrific, terrific thing. It's a portable DVD/CD player. I know all the kids are going to love it. So I wish them, and I

wish you, a happy Christmas, a happy holiday. Have a great, great party," he says.


Then, actor Jerry O'Connell pops in with his gift for the kids. "I bear gifts. This gift was very special when I was growing up. It's the brand new, 2005 Elmo!"

Just when the children didn't think the party could get any better, Robin announces another surprise. "OK kids,
Phillip and I got a hold of your wish lists and we went shopping at Wal-Mart. Come on out Elves!"


Santa's helpers arrive with loads of presents!


Dr. Phil sits down with one little boy, Joshua. "I looked around and found you a really special present that I think you wanted, so I wanted you to unwrap it, OK?"

Joshua tears open the gift and screams in delight, "Alligator piano!"

His mother, who is visibly touched, explains, "He's so happy. His birthday was August 24th and his favorite thing that he got was an alligator piano, and he lost it. And ever since the hurricane, he's been talking about the alligator piano, so it means a lot to him."


After the children open their gifts, they think they're done, but there's still more to come! Dr. Phil and Robin gather all the kids outside the North Pole gates.

"I have a very big surprise for you. Everyone's going to Disneyland!" Robin announces. The kids all cheer while putting on their Mickey ears.

Gold Coast Tours will provide the transportation for all the families.

Dr. Phil has his own surprise. "Every one of you kids is going to get an X2 Stylebook Computer!" he announces.


For the grand finale, Dr. Phil tells the children that they will get one of everything they see when they open the North Pole gates. The gates open and the children run in to find gifts galore, such as Skechers shoes, Sony PlasyStation Portables and more of the hottest toys of the season!

"I am just in shock," says one mom. "This is the most amazing thing I've seen in my life."

"I've never seen looks on their faces like this before," comments another.

Another couple is tearfully caught up in the moment. "We didn't know what we were going to get them for Christmas," she says.

"They have not stopped laughing since we got here," says another mom. "It's been about four months since I've seen them this happy."