Holiday Extravaganza: Robin's Vision

Holiday Extravaganza: Robin's Vision

Dr. Phil and Robin throw a special holiday party for families and children affected by devastating Hurricane Katrina. Also invited are host families who've opened up their homes and their hearts to those who had no place to turn, plus, some loving children who helped raise money for the relief efforts.

"This year's party started back when the hurricane happened," explains Robin. "The very day I heard about that, I started thinking about Christmas for these kids, and how, not only did they not have their decorations and their favorite toys, they didn't even have a home. And then I started thinking we have families out here who have opened their homes to strangers, families who've gone out there and raised money, and I thought what better way to celebrate than to bring them all together for a party?"


Robin, who loves to plan parties, wanted to bring the kids to a virtual North Pole. At the top of the must-have list — lots of snow! "I want kids to see it everywhere they step," Robin tells Dr. Phil as they take a tour of the party location. When the final touches are put into place, it's the North Pole indeed — complete with an ice skating rink!


Frontgate, the leading purveyor of premier home decor and accessories for America's finest homes, provided all the beautiful decorations.

"We've outdone ourselves this year," says Robin. "This party is full of magic and surprise and love. I can't wait."



Dr. Phil and Robin want some special surprises for the children, so, armed with Christmas lists, they head to Wal-Mart! With carts overflowing, Dr. Phil and Robin get everything the children desire and load up a truck full of toys.