Holiday Giveaways: Electronics 2

XM Satellite Radio by Pioneer with Service 


"Now, we've been talking about electronics, right? And I want to show you something that is way cool. This Pioneer XM satelite radio is a must-have item this year. It's got 160 commercial-free channels and you're all getting one with a year of free service!" says Dr. Phil. 


  • XM Reception through XM Tuner (service required)
  • Included rechargeable battery provides up to five hours play on a single charge
  • Built-in Memory records and stores up to five hours of broadcasts
  • Built-in Wireless FM Transmitter for playing through any car stereo, home stereo, or boom box
  • Text information: Get a personalized stock ticker and sports scores on the brilliant LCD display


    Price: $500 

    Web sites: and



 Audiovox D1420 4.2" Portable DVD Player


Dr. Phil teases his guests by holding back before finally lifting the gift box to reveal this incredible device. "Now, this was a huge hit with the kids when Donald Trump gave this away at our party to all of the kids, and they went nuts, didn't they?" 



  • 4.2" 16:9 monitor
  • Compatible with DVD, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 and Photo CD
  • Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Includes complete cabling with car adapter
  • Includes car headset mount


Price: $169.00

Web site:

 Polaroid 20" Flat Panel TV—DVD/VCR Combo


"Take a moment to catch your breath, because this next one is so big. So big in fact, you can't carry it out of here today," says Robin.


Dr. Phil adds, "Our friends at FedEx are going to take care of all the shipping for everything for you! They're going to send it right to you."



  • Plays DVD, CD, CD-RW, MP3, WMA
  • Video cassette recorder
  • 3-line comb filter
  • MTS stereo sound
  • Closed captioning and parental control
  • Full function remote control

 Netflix DVD Rentals


"Now, being a thoughtful guy, I got to thinking you can't have DVD players without movies to play in them, right?" says Dr. Phil. "Well folks, the people at Netflix agreed, and they're giving everyone a free subscription to Netflix for an entire year! OK, now I don't know if you all know how this works but the cool thing about Netflix is you get unlimited DVD rentals and there ain't any late fees — ever!"
  • Unlimited DVD Rentals for a year
  • No late fees
  • Delivered right to your home

    Price:  $119.99
    Web site:



American Idol Seasons 1 - 4  DVD


Paula Abdul joins Dr. Phil and Robin with her own gift for the audience. She says, "This is something very special, fun, funny. And this is for all of you since you now have a wonderful DVD player ... You'll be laughing your butts off."


  • Top two finalists audition footage 
  • Unforgettable performances
  • Christmas carols 
  • Never-before-seen home town footage from Season 4 
  • Extensive footage with Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice 
  • Exclusive interview with Paula Abdul


    Price: $34.99

    Web site:

Dr. Phil reaches out to the next unsuspecting viewer. He dials the phone and eventually reaches a woman he addresses as Candy. He tells her that it's Dr. Phil calling.  

"Uh, yeah. You sound a little familiar," Candy quips. Dr. Phil tells her that he is joined by Paula Abdul and Robin.

"Oh, how wonderful! I love American Idol! And Robin, I just love you," she says. 

"How about the Dr. Phil show?" deadpans Dr. Phil. "She says I love American Idol and Robin. What am I, a dog biscuit?"

"No, yours is just the understood," Candy replies. "I mean everybody does."

Dr. Phil explains the idea of the holiday show and says he knows Candy is from Louisiana. He then reveals that the audience is there with him, and when he asks them to say hi, they all shout it in unison.


"Boy, do they sound happy," Candy says.

"Well, I think you're getting ready to get happy too," says Dr. Phil. He then lists each of the items he just gave to the audience. "And you get everything they just got!" 

"Oh my gosh!" laughs Candy. "Well, boy am I glad you called!"