Holiday Giveaways: Gifts for Women

Dr. Phil and Robin are ready to reveal all of Robin's favorite gifts for the holidays, but first they they have a call to make.  

Dr. Phil dials the phone and reaches Michelle.


"Well, let me tell you why we're calling," he begins. "We are in the middle of our holiday giveaway show, OK? And, for the first time ever, we're calling viewers and letting them participate in everything the audience is doing. And, you don't know it, but we've been doing pretty good so far, don't you think, audience?" The audience responds with a big cheer. "Michelle, are you there?" 

"Yes, I am," she replies.

"OK, what I want you to do is just kind of listen in during this segment and everything you hear us talk about, we're going to be shipping to you."


Michelle says, "That is awesome!"

"Yeah, I thought it might be," says Dr. Phil.


Michele CSX Watch

Robin says, "You've seen these elegant watches on all your favorite celebrities – from Katie Couric to Britney Spears. And now, Neiman Marcus wants to put one on each of your wrists, too." 

"Whoa." Dr. Phil exclaims. "You understand you just gave away a quarter of a million dollars worth of diamond watches, right?" 



  • Natural mother-of-pearl dial surrounded by 100 hand-set white diamonds (.60 total carat weight) 
  • Pink alligator or black crocodile strap
  • Swiss-made full-function chronograph 


Red Envelope Silk Pajamas 


Robin says, "Wake up Christmas morning in these. Beautiful."

"So, do those fit me?" asks Dr. Phil.

"No, they don't fit you," says Robin. "These are for the ladies. Beautiful. Beautiful."

"Those are cool. I'm liking that," he tells her.



  • Slightly loose-fitting for extra comfort top has long sleeves 
  •  Pants are full-length 100% silk charmeuse offered in silver with charcoal-gray piping or berry with garnet piping 
  •  Imported matching silk envelope


    Price: $125
    Web site:



Pure Heart Truffles and Body and Face Oils 


Robin says, "Pure Heart — beautiful name — is another one of my favorite ways to pamper myself. Their skincare products are handmade with the finest ingredients."

"I don't know about the oils but that's pretty good candy; I can tell you that. Because she gets those all the time from Pureheart and I chow down on them. They're good," says Dr. Phil. 

"Yes, I do," says Robin. "He gets one a day."


  • Three 1-oz. bottles of aromatic massage oils, based on the ancient principles of ayurvedic healing

  • Small box containing three "xocolat" truffles

    Price: $115 — Limited-time price of $95.00 for Dr. Phil viewers. Please include code 777 for discount when ordering.

    Web site:




Leaf & Rusher Exfoliating Lip Balm


Robin says, "Another thing that I think all women and men will love as much as I do is T.X. Lips lip balm by Leaf & Rusher. I hear it's a also favorite of Brad Pitt's. It's brand new. They just featured it in one of the top magazines, too.

"Well, you know, it smoothes and moisturizes, leaving your lips soft and full," jokes Dr. Phil with mock femininity.

"They do. They do," says Robin, in all seriousness.


  • Exotic Barrier Fruit Hops plumps lips
  • Removes dry skin cells 
  • Improves lipstick application without feathering

    Price: $20.00
    Web site:


Swarovski Ornaments


"Swarovski Crystal is one of my favorite holiday decorations," says Robin, "and they wanted each of you to have the 2005 Rockefeller Star holiday ornaments just like the ones you see on these trees today." 

"Boy, those are cool," says Dr. Phil. "And whenever you buy something from the Swarovski's holiday collection, a percentage of sales go to the Starlight Starbright Foundation, which helps seriously ill children."


  • From the Rockefeller Star collection


    Price: $570

    Web site:



 Lowe's Tree Gift Card


Dr. Phil stands overlooking a tree full of Swarovski crystal ornaments. He says, "And, just while we're here. Lowes Home Improvement is giving you each a tree to put these ornaments on!"



  • Gift card good for one six-foot Christmas tree




    Web site:


Twisted Heart Warm Up Suits


Robin says, "Twisted Heart is my new favorite warm up suit! They are known for their amazing embellishment and sexy fit."


  • Twisted Heart is a stylish contemporary line of casual apparel well known for amazing embellishment and sexy fit. 
  • Popular from coast to coast, the brand has become synonymous with luxury sweats

    Price: $200 


    Available at:

    Saks Fifth Avenue: 866-478-7586 x2744
    Nordstrom and 800-695-8000
    Neiman Marcus: 800-944-9888
    Bloomingdales and 800-555-7467
    Derek Andrew: 425-462-0888



The Christmas Child by Max Lucado


"I love it. Every Christmas," says Robin.



  • A Chicago journalist finds himself in a small Texas town on Christmas Eve. Lonely and alone, he encounters old faces and new facts ... a hand-carved manger, a father's guilt, a young girl's faith. The trip into the past holds his key to the future, and a scarlet cross shows him the way home. 
  • This Christmas treasure, formerly titled The Christmas Cross, is quickly becoming a Christmas classic. With more than 94,000 sold since its original release, this story was also a popular television movie for Christmas 2004.

    Price: $12.99

    Web site: Available on

Dr. Phil returns to his guest on the phone. "OK, Michelle, are you there?" he asks. 

"I am! I am!" she cries.

"Yeah? So, I hate to leave you on hold but how's this doing?" asks Dr. Phil. 

"It's awesome!" she tells him.

"Well, Merry Christmas, Michelle. We know you're from Louisiana. We just wanted to brighten your day a little bit." 

"Thank you very much. Thank you very much," she says.