Holiday Giveaways: Harry and Bose

Harry Connick Jr. sends a special video greeting to the audience:

"I want to say a special hello to all of my friends from the Gulf Coast region. At this tragic and sad time I know how hard it is for you to be displaced from your homes and from the area of the world that we love so much, the Gulf South region .... And I want to say thank you also to all of the host families and rescue workers and everybody that had a part in the relief efforts down there.


"Well, it is Christmas time and I would like to say that my favorite toy as a kid was an Etch-a-Sketch because you could just have all kinds of fun ... I want everybody in the audience to have one of those ... and also I have a new holiday animated special called The Happy Elf which I'm really, really proud of, and I hope that will bring you some cheer this holiday season. There's a couple New Orleans references in there I'm sure that you will recognize.


"So, Dr. Phil, Robin all of your staff and crew, thank you so much. And let me just leave you with this small part of a song. It's only one line, but I know how desperately everybody wants to go home and even if we can only dream it, you can still go home in your heart." Harry sings, "I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams." He wishes the audience a happy holidays. 





Etch A Sketch


  • Harry Connick Jr.'s favorite toy 
  •  For more than 40 years, the Etch A Sketch has been challenging kids to twist and turn their way to a masterpiece. 
  • Over 100 million sold.

    Price: $12.99






The Happy Elf




  • Based on Grammy-winner Harry Connick, Jr.'s original song.
  • This delightful animated adventure is the story of Eubie, one of Santa's helpers whose overly optimistic outlook is put to the test when he decides to bring Christmas joy to a sad little town called Bluesville. 
  • Featuring the voice and brand-new holiday songs of Harry Connick, Jr. and the voice talents of Carol Kane, Lewis Black, Rob Paulsen, and Mickey Rooney.

Price:  $19.99



Dr. Phil says, "Harry is giving all of you his dual disk set "Harry for the Holidays." Harry, thanks so much. I know how hard you've worked to keep things in the forefront in New Orleans, as obviously we are doing as well. So, we join you in that effort."

 Bose Wave Music System


"And, since you have such a wonderful piece of music here from such a talented guy, we thought it would be good to give you this brand new Bose Wave Music System. It's small and elegant, but delivers amazing sound. "



  • A bold new standard in audio performance. It may well become the primary music system in your home 
  • Easy to use: no buttons, credit card-sized infrared remote, and MP3 CD capability 
  • Distinctive and elegant design: streamlined styling with a thin, slot-loaded CD player


    Price: $499

    Web site:

    Phone: 800-444-BOSE (2673)

 "Okay, now, as I said you all got a lot of large and heavy stuff today!" says Dr. Phil. "So, our friends at FedEx are outside right now ready to haul the oversized stuff to your home through their Operation FedEx Special Delivery Program. OK, Julie, are you out there?"

"We're here, Phil!" says FedEx representative Julie, from outside. 

"We are so appreciative of the fact that we've got these folks in from the Gulf region and y'all have agreed to take the big heavy items to their homes for them wherever that may be for this time, correct?"

"That's correct," says Julie.

"You guys look like you're pretty strong. Can you handle all this stuff?" he asks. 

"Oh, we can handle it, Dr. Phil," she says.

"Yeah, well, you ought to push some of those guys at the back to the front. Make them get the TVs and the washers and dryers. FedEx, thanks for caring about these people!" says Dr. Phil.  


Web site: