Holiday Giveaways: Household


The audience receives this video greeting from a country music superstar:

"Hi, everyone! I'm LeAnn Rimes, wishing you a very, very happy holiday season."


She warms the audience with a few lines from the song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."


 Tupperware "Kitchen in a Box"


Robin says, "Now, this is not your mother's Tupperware! These "Chef Series" pots and pans are professional quality."



  • Over 40 items for everything you need to prep, cook, serve and store your meal!
  • "Chef Series" - full set of seven cookware pieces  


    Price: $1,200
    Web site:


Krups XP-1500 Steam Combo Machine


 "This is one of my favorite gifts to give for the holidays," says Robin. "We just bought one for Jay for Christmas," Robin replies.

"Oh yeah," says, Dr. Phil. "Well, you just told! We bought one for Jay for Christmas!"


  • Combination four-bar steam espresso machine and 10-cup coffeemaker 
  • Four-cup glass carafe with handle; steam nozzle; removable drip tray with stainless steel grid 
  • Water-level indicator; swing-out filter holder; brew pause; nonstick warming tray  


Price: $125
Web site:


Omaha Steaks Gift Card


Dr. Phil says, "You know, I'm from Texas. I'm a beefeater. So you talk about the best of the best, I'm talking about Omaha Steaks. If it wasn't for Omaha Steaks, I think we would starve!" 

"I know. I know. I think so," Robin agrees.

"You don't really think about it, but this stuff is so good, it's unbelievable. Every one of you is getting $100 gift certificate to use at Try their hot dogs and salmon too. It's really good."

"Delicious," says Robin


Price: $100

Web site: 



Pear's Gourmet Cashews


"I'm a nut guy," says Dr. Phil. "I like nuts. No — that's not why I do this show. I love nuts, and I found some that are absolutely out of this world. These are my absolute favorites. These are Pear's Gourmet cashews and you can go to and get them. These things are huge and they melt in your mouth. I mean, we keep these around like — " 

"All the time," Robin says, finishing his sentence.



  • 20 oz. tin of Colossal Cashews 



$250 Albertsons Gift Card


"We know that every little bit helps right now. So, we contacted Albertson's and they wanted to give in a big way. Everyone is getting a $250 gift card from Albertsons!" says Dr. Phil.


Price: $250

Web site:

Tide—Washer and Dryer/Year Supply of Tide Detergent
"I am so excited about this one," says Robin. "Clean clothing was a
basic need that was lacking for families after "Hurricane Katrina," so to help these families in New Orleans and other affected areas, Tide created a free mobile laundry mat called the Tide Clean Start Program.
"Now y'all remember — and I know a lot of you have seen that — they just went around to help people so they could get clean just for the day and I know you appreciate it so much," says Dr. Phil. 
"And now, Tide wants to give all of you a washer and dryer set and a year's supply of Tide Detergent! I love that! I love it," says Robin.