Homecoming Shooting: Guests

Homecoming Shooting: Guests


David Buss

Author, The Murderer Next Door
and Professor of Psychology at University of Texas

"The first six months after [a woman] has dumped a guy,

that's when her life is most in danger."


Pat Brown

Criminal Profiler

"The real problem is we have disaffected teenagers who are becoming borderline personality disorders/psychopaths."


Romona Robinson

News Anchor, WKYC-TV Cleveland, OH

on the teenage shooter in Cleveland

"This young man, Asa Coon, even though he was only 14 years old, he does have a long past."


Rev. Bill Farr (pictured with wife, Sjana)

Friend of Tyler Peterson's family

"The families are doing as well as can be expected. There is a lot of healing that needs to be done … [Tyler Peterson's family] feels such shame and guilt about this."


Malora (left)

Friend of the victims 


"It was completely shocking."


 Mariah (right)

Friend of the victims

"I knew Tyler. He just didn't seem like the type of guy

 who would ever do this." 




Beth Nimmo,

Daughter Rachel was killed at Columbine

"Nothing is real to them at this point. For the first year, our family, it was like you live in a fog or a tunnel."



Beth's son and survivor of Columbine,
speaking of the Columbine killers


"I felt that there was something dark about them."


Marjorie Lindholm,
Columbine survivor

on hearing about the Virginia Tech shootings


"It shattered everything."


Jerald Newberry

Executive Director of the National Education Association

Health Information Network


"We have to have a great school prevention plan … We need to address mental health, because there are not enough mental health services in schools … We have to change the culture to a culture that says it is OK to tell … We have to teach teachers and young people the skills they need to live in a very violent America that has guns in 47 percent of American households." 


Jan Harp Domene

National President of the PTA


"Parents need to make sure that there is a good plan at

their school in place."