Homework Hell: Angela's Test

Angela Gets an Education

Dr. Phil wants Angela to see Masen's schoolwork through his eyes. He hands her an "alphabet" with symbols and gives her a minute to scrutinize it. "That looks foreign to you because you haven't seen it before and you don't know it," he explains.

When Angela expresses that she has difficulty deciphering it, Dr. Phil says, "Would it help if I were standing beside you saying ,'Hurry up! Hurry up! Decipher that!'?"

"I completely agree. It would not help him," she replies. 

"Is it possible that that's how some of this looks

to him sometimes?" Dr. Phil asks.

Angela answers, "Oh yeah."

"If we turn down the barking and we turn up the deciphering, then there's a really good chance that this is going to get a lot better," Dr. Phil assures her.


Dr. Lawlis says he is happy to perform a complete evaluation of Masen at the Lawlis Peavey Centers.