Thirty-Year Reign of Terror
“Josh” and “Robert” remember what it was like growing up under Linda Weston’s care. Out of fear of Linda’s wrath and not knowing who could be involved, they are using pseudonyms.

“Linda Weston is my sister,” Josh says. “When I first heard that this has happened, I wasn’t surprised at all. I knew Linda did it just by the description the media gave.

“After my mother passed away, the family pretty much fell apart, especially Linda. It’s like she lost her mind,” he remembers. “When I was growing up, I witnessed and I was a victim of violence at the hands of Linda. I was beaten at times, and denied food and just a lot of horrific, unspeakable things. I was tied up for more than six hours at a time until days. I have a scar from my sister Linda. She shoved me inside of an oven and turned it on. Over 75 percent of my body burned. My sister Linda is an extremely dangerous person if given the right opportunity and circumstances. She would find these mentally challenged people just by going out, and scoping, and probing and picking out the ideal candidates. My sister Linda used to skillfully place things in people’s drinks and food just to sedate them and render them helpless.”

Linda's son, Robert, says, “My mother has an old case where she murdered my aunt’s boyfriend. She was sentenced to eight years in prison back in 1981. I was maybe about 4 or 5 at the time. She had starved him to death, beat him with a hammer.”

“My sister Linda had wrestled him in the closet, tied him up, and just forced him to do what she wanted him to do and denied him food,” Josh says. “And as with anyone, if you deny them food, [they] become weak.”

Robert remembers. “I see this other guy in the closet when I was younger, but it really didn’t dawn on me that something was wrong at the time,” he says.

“He was pretty much trying to survive in that closet alone. I remember I used to hear scratching at the door, with him trying to get out. I used to hear it every so often throughout the day until one day, it stopped,” Josh says. “It was very scary and horrible for a child. I remember smelling a foul odor in the entire apartment. My sister ordered us to take the body and dump it in an abandoned house. That was very horrific, just touching a dead person, and someone who I knew, who I talked to.”

[AD]“Eventually, she went to jail for it. She was sentenced. She got out, like, eight years later,” Robert says.

“Linda is easy to talk to, and she’s a master at befriending you. But once you’re in her grasp, she’s like a black widow. It’s hard to get out,” Josh says.

“I believe she’s an evil person,” Robert says. “If she gets out again, she’ll probably do the same thing all over again.”
Robert says he lives upstairs in the same building where the recent victims were found and had no idea what was going on in the sub-basement.

Robert gives a tour inside the “house of horrors.”

Josh and Robert join the discussion via satellite. Josh wears a disguise while in front of the crime scene house.

Josh, who grew up with Linda, says she was in charge of 13 siblings. “It was frightening because a lot of times, there was a lot of abuse,” he says.

Dr. Phil asks him, “You said you saw a lot of incest going on, and in fact, she forced you to touch her at times?”

“A few times, when I was younger,” he says. “I was around 7 or 8 at that point.”

“There was a lot of hunger at the time. What would happen if you asked for food?” Dr. Phil asks.

[AD]Josh says it was forbidden. “If you asked for food, you’d get beaten a lot of times, almost always,” he says.

“You said at times it went beyond beatings, in fact, you said at one point, when you asked for a piece of fruit, something really horrific was done to you. What took place?” Dr. Phil asks.

Josh says he asked for fruit from a tree in the yard. He was told no by two sisters and tried to pick the fruit in secret. Linda saw him. “That’s when I was hit from behind in my back and that kind of disturbed my walking. I wasn’t able to walk for about six months. I had to get rehabilitation for it,” he says.
Josh explains that another time when he asked for food, he was denied and punished severely. “I remember being forced downstairs into the kitchen, and she had ordered someone to turn on the oven. I didn’t know what that was for. She was going to cook or something. And then I remember being picked up, because I was small, and then put in the oven. It seemed like it was forever. But it got really hot, and I remember burning my flesh, I don’t know, maybe for three, five minutes. It seemed like forever,” he says.

“I’m so sorry that happened to you,” Dr. Phil says.

Another punishment Josh says he endured was when his brother was ordered to hang him by his feet outside a second-story window. “I was very scared. We were very high up,” he says.

Josh remembers the man whom Linda went to prison for murdering.

Robert says the recent atrocities were not surprising to him. “She has a history of just terrible things, period,” he says.

[AD]“Does she seem to have any sense of right or wrong?” Dr. Phil asks.

“The way she feels is that she doesn’t do anything wrong,” Robert says.

“Are you afraid of her?” Dr. Phil asks.

“You bet I’m afraid of her,” Robert says. “When she first arrived here in town, even though I lived in a different apartment, I still just kept my door locked.”