More Children Discovered
Attorney Steven Wigrizer, who’s representing Tamara Breeden’s parents, joins Dr. Phil.

“These are the cruelest and most hideous things I’ve seen in my career.”

Dr. Phil asks Walt, “I understand that Linda had a niece, Beatrice, who’s 19 and has been missing since she was 8. Has she been found?”

“Yes, Beatrice has been found, Dr. Phil, but it was a horrifying set of findings,” Walt says. “When the young woman was recovered, along with eight or nine other children and teenagers last Tuesday, she showed signs of simply horrifying abuse. There had been pellet guns that were fired into her ankles. Police also said that heated spoons, red hot spoons were applied to her flesh to cause a whole series of burns. She was malnourished, and as she sat in the northeast detective division here, police officers who went over said she was almost frightened of anyone who even walked up to her. She was afraid to talk, and shortly after that, she stopped talking, and it has been a long effort in the past few days, especially with trained Social Service workers, simply to get Beatrice to begin telling about the stories.” He says as police officers were finding the four adults in the basement, Beatrice was being hidden in a closet upstairs, to be found a few days later.

Steven says reports show investigators have found many other children in Linda’s care. “I think the numbers are going to increase as the investigation goes forward. Keep in mind, this was a multi-state crime,” he says.

[AD]Dr. Phil points out that while Weston was in violation of her parole by being an absconder, she was able to go into family court and regain custody of the children she lost when she went to prison for murder.

Steven says according to the court transcript, not one mention of her murder conviction came up during the proceeding.

“Robin and I have often talked about on this show, when we talk about foster care, is there is a lack of communication between the criminal court system and the family court system, oftentimes not knowing what’s going on in the other, and if somebody doesn’t bring it up, how can they know? It’s not the judge’s fault,” Dr. Phil says.Dr. Phil turns back to Josh and Robert. What do they want to see happen to Linda?

Josh says he wants her to get help. “I personally don’t think she needs to be set free — ever,” he says.

Robert agrees.

[AD]“Josh, you say you’re still, I think very understandably, struggling with trust issues?” Dr. Phil asks.

Josh says he’s learned to block things out and not trust people, something he would like to change.

How can Josh and Robert make peace with their past?