How Are They Now?: Baby Jessica

Baby Jessica and Baylee
Find out what happened to "Baby Jessica

Fifteen years ago, Jessica McClure fell down a well. The nation watched as rescuers worked to save the 18-month-old toddler. "Baby Jessica" survived and endured numerous surgeries.

Now 16, Jessica lives in Texas with her father. Reports say she's fighting juvenile arthritis. She hopes to marry one day and have four children of her own.

Aren lost her 1-year-old baby Baylee in the Oklahoma City bombing. A photographer captured the now-famous image of Baylee being cradled by a firefighter. The picture came to symbolize the horror of the tragedy, and has continued to traumatize Aren.

"I hate that picture," says Aren. "It's brought me a lot of heartache." She says she was shocked to see her daughter's picture plastered all over the world. "Nobody ever stopped to say, 'This is somebody's child.'"

"I realize [the photograph] came to symbolize the loss of life that day," Aren explains. "I know people mean well and it is intended to honor her memory ...You might like your T-shirt. But one day you'll be done with it and be changing your oil with it. And there's my daughter's picture on the rag you're changing your oil with. That is a disrespect of her image and memory."

Now 30, Aren has remarried and had two more children. She is a full-time student and runs a non-profit organization in Baylee's name. She asks, "Dr. Phil, will I ever feel whole again?"

"We can focus on the event of her death," says Dr. Phil. "Or we can focus on the event of her life ... Don't let that one day overshadow all of that. If you knew that you were only going to have her for one year, would you still want to have her for that one year?"

"Sure," says Aren. "I feel very lucky to have shared in the life that she did have. That's one of the reasons I do the work I do. I have a non-profit organization called the Protecting People First Foundation. When the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was destroyed, President Clinton ordered that all daycare centers were to have safety film placed on the windows. I testified in front of congress in Baylee's name and had the laws changed. That's how I try to carry on."

"Baylee's law has been passed," continues Aren. Now when you enroll your child in daycare inside a federal building, the facility owners have to notify parents immediately in the event of a bomb threat. "We always had bomb threats and had no idea," she says.

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