Shopper vs. Salesperson

To see how different men and women are in their negotiating skills, Dr. Phil sent his cameras to Towbin Dodge, one of the largest car dealerships in the country. Jeff and Kathy are both shopping for new vehicles and meet with the King of Cars, Chop Towbin, to make a deal. While Jeff negotiates the price and free extras, like satellite radio, LoJack and oil changes, Kathy doesn't ask for anything, so Chop gives her their advertised discount. Jeff saved $4,659, while Kathy saved only $3,400.

Christy also has trouble negotiating. "Negotiating makes me feel really anxious," she says. "I feel like I have to settle for what's being offered. I don't feel confident negotiating for lower rent or for better deals on a gym membership. Even at the flea market, where I feel it's acceptable to negotiate, I will go, and look at the price and just assume that's what I have to pay.

"I'm looking for a new car, and I'm absolutely terrified to go into a dealership by myself, and so I've been putting it off. I'm incredibly intimidated by salespeople. I want to be able to go into a car dealership on my own and be able to get the best deal I possibly can," she says. 

Dr. Phil meets Christy and asks, "Emotionally, what bugs you about it?"

"I feel like I'm trying to take advantage of the system somehow, if I go in and try to talk them down in price," she says. Christy says she feels anxious and full of doubt when she tries to negotiate, so she ends up backing off.

[AD]"Here's the deal: If you ask for too much, they'll say, ‘No,'" Dr. Phil says.

"I think because in our culture we don't negotiate all the time, it feels so foreign to me," she says. "I don't walk into a grocery store and negotiate, so I don't feel I have the tools to negotiate well when I'm in a situation where it's acceptable."

"But you realize you'll spend a lot of extra money if you don't negotiate?"

"Yes," she says.

Can Christy negotiate a deal with Chop? Christy meets him outside the studio. He shows her a brand-new Dodge Journey.

"What do you think about it so far? You like the looks?" Chop asks her. 

"I do. I do. I like the lines," she says. "I mean, it looks a little big, but I'll probably get used to it."

Chop puts Christy in the vehicle and points out its features, like the rearview camera and lifetime warranty. When it comes times to talk about price, Chop tells her with a $3,500 rebate and another $1,500 off, the price is already down to $24,000.

"Is there any way you can go any lower than that, or is that about as good as you can do?" Christy asks.

"I could take another $500 off. If I do that, do we have a deal?" Chop asks.

"I think I need to think about it," she says. She shakes his hand and walks away. 

Chop gives his thoughts on Christy's bargaining techniques. "I think Christy was a little too excited maybe. You don't always want to show the salesman you like the car so much. Overall, I think Christy did not great. I think out of 10, I give her a five," he says.

[AD]Dr. Phil meets with Christy and Chop outside the studio.

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