How You Look Drunk: Lowered Inhibitions

Lowered Inhibitions
Cameras follow some volunteers' every move in an experiment to see how alcohol affects speech, skills and inhibitions.

Thirty people volunteered to be part of a drinking experiment, where cameras followed their every move, capturing how alcohol affects their speech, skills, behavior and judgment throughout the night.

The participants describe why they enjoy drinking: more confidence, lowered inhibitions, just to have a good time, to relax and to be more social. They were all told they could drink as much or as little as they wanted. In fact, they didn't even have to drink at all. Everyone was provided transportation both ways to assure a safe ride home and EMTs were on site in case of emergency.

These participants had never met before, but it didn't take long before some self-described "shy" folks became "friendly." Michael, 27, says, "I'm very shy when I'm sober." After a few drinks, he's caught licking, kissing and even spanking some of the women!

He wasn't alone. Elisa, Leslie and Christina also participated in some kissing, including what was dubbed the "french fry kiss."

Even those who claimed they never dance didn't mind showing off their best dance moves!
The participants were tested to see how their basic skills were holding up. For example, could they catch a ball or walk a straight line?

CHP officer Jon Samson explains some of the standard field sobriety tests: "The walk and turn: We would have them start with their left foot on a line and they put the heel of their right foot to the toe of their left foot. When we have them walk, they keep their hands down at their side and look at the line."

Another test is about balance. "They're going to stand with their
hands down at their sides, their feet together, until the officer tells them to stop," explains Officer Samson.

Two of participants, Sommer and Koku, failed the most field sobriety tests. After four drinks, Koku couldn't catch the ball and couldn't stand on one foot without holding onto the wall.
One of the participants, David, got a bit more aggressive with his words and gestures toward Dr. Phil, who wasn't even there. "I don't like Dr. Phil," says David, admitting that after 13 drinks, he was drunk. He gestures toward the camera: "By the way, **ck you Dr. Phil."

In the studio, Dr. Phil introduces himself to David. He sits down in front of him and ask, "So, you were saying?"

David apologizes, admitting that when he drinks, "I'm not a violent person, but I do get angry sometimes."

"Have you ever been stopped for drinking and driving?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes, I have," says David, admitting that he once got a DUI.