Quantity over Quality?

Jennifer says the problem isn't just excessive decorations. She also objects to the type of gifts and number of gifts Judy lavishes on Jennifer's three daughters. "My mom loves to give the craziest and strangest gifts. I received my umbilical cord inside a Christmas ornament one year. That was great," she says sarcastically. "There was the year she gave my brother our cremated dog."

"Just about anything we think would bring a laugh gets wrapped up and put under the tree," Judy says. "There are a lot of people who would probably be upset or offended by those kinds of gifts, but we find them to be fun."

"Some of the outrageous gifts we've received from my mom are fake dog pooh, a little stuffed dog that pees on your carpet. One time, my mom gave me a little glass ornament with a little carved baby inside," Jennifer says.

"It was supposed to be a 26-week-old fetus. She thought it was creepy," Judy says.

"It's just the friendliest little thing," Jennifer comments, while one of Judy's gifts, a mechanical dog, gets a little too friendly with her arm!

"You can put fun in dysfunctional, and we do that," Judy says with a laugh.

"My mom goes so overboard with the gifts for my kids," Jennifer says. "I have three daughters. Each daughter will get between 20 and 30 gifts, so that means 90 gifts that are going home to my house." 

[AD]Jennifer asks her daughters, "What do you guys think about all the presents that Grandma and Grandpa give you at Christmastime?"

One girl says, "I want four or five big gifts instead of the 100,000 she gives us."

"I have a right as a grandma to be able to give as much as I want to my grandkids," Judy says.

"A good majority of the gifts she gives us are useless and unnecessary. Please stop giving my kids so many gifts," Jennifer says.

"Even if Dr. Phil doesn't agree with me, I am really sorry, but it's not going to change," Judy says.

Back onstage, Dr. Phil addresses the type of gifts that Judy has given to her family. He gingerly lifts the ashes of the family dog, which are wrapped in a paper bag with a collar around it.

"That's Bubba. He was a white dog who adopted us, and my family loved him. It was like a family member when he died," Judy explains.

"Let me get your rationale right. Bubba dies. ‘It's Christmas! Fry him up, put him in a paper sack and give him to my daughter,'" Dr. Phil says.

"No, I gave him to my son. He didn't have a pet," Judy says straightforwardly. "And he's gone a lot, so it makes it easier. He doesn't have to feed him or walk him."

Dr. Phil lifts the glass ornament with Jennifer's umbilical cord inside it. "You put this in an ornament and gave this to your daughter?"

"I didn't need it anymore. I figured she'd want it," Judy says.

"I didn't need it anymore either!" Jennifer points out.

[AD]Judy explains that she knew it was an outrageous gift, and she and her husband eagerly anticipated Jennifer's response when she opened it. "It was hilarious," she says.

Dr. Phil brings out some fake dog pooh.

"Do you know how much fun you can have with stuff like this?" Judy asks him.

"Apparently, I don't," Dr. Phil says.

"Well, take it home with you, and put it on your nice carpet somewhere and watch the reaction you get," she says.

"I get that reaction without putting this on my carpet at my house," Dr. Phil says, laughing.

Judy's silly gifts include a 20-year-old can of water chestnuts, octopus in a can and a fart machine. "You're doing it just because you think it's funny," Dr. Phil surmises.

"I do, and laughter is one of the best parts of Christmas," she says.

Jennifer reports that Judy gets very irritable at this time of the year because of the stress she puts on herself to get all the decorations up in time. "Are you putting too much pressure on yourself?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Sometimes I do," she admits.

[AD]"What if you only put up, like, 600 Santas instead of 1,000?" Dr. Phil asks.

"It's not the same. We thoroughly enjoy the decorations," Judy says.

"The gifts are out of control," Jennifer says. "It's just too much."

Audience members share their worst holiday gifts, including a broom and dustpan, an urn and a half-eaten fruitcake! Have you ever received a bad gift? Share your story on the message board!