Hurricane Katerina: Master P

Master P, rap music mogul and CEO of New No Limit Records, lost his New Orleans home and is still missing some family members. He had the good fortune of finding his father just a few days ago, but his fatherâ€"in-

law, sister-in-law, uncle and brother are still missing. He joins Dr. Phil.


"Where did you find your dad?" Dr. Phil asks him.


Master P explains that his dad ended up being driven to Arkansas. "He got away just in time. We're definitely thankful about that," he says. He notes that his family always thought that nothing like this would ever happen in New Orleans. "These people get to a point where they don't want to leave. They love New Orleans. It's all they have."


Master P and many of his relatives lost their homes in the hurricane, but he realizes that they can always be replaced. "It's all about the lives," he says. "I keep trying to get them to see that we might not be able to go back to New Orleans. We might not have anything to go back to, so forget about that. There's different things that can help you replace that, but you can't replace a life." He tells of seeing many bodies floating in the water and seeing kids who have lost their parents, parents who have lost their kids, and people committing suicide.



Master P started an organization to help victims called Team Rescue. "My whole thing

is that I just want to do my part for my people," he explains. "Hopefully we can save a bunch of people ... We're building shelters. We're finding homes for people. We're doing three months rent for the people that have to start off in other cities. So we're doing our part. We're trying to put up at least 100 families a month. We need help." He asks that corporations step up and help this cause, and anyone who wants to contribute can go to the Web site or call 1-888-886-7377 to make a donation.