Hurricane Katrina: One Year Later, Part 2: Photography Book

An Amazing Chronicle

"I'm standing in Jackson Square in New Orleans, and I'm thumbing through this amazing book called Eyes of the Storm, which is a photo essay from the Dallas Morning News. It won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for photography and it really choreographs a walk-through of what happened, from the time it started raining until the devastation had reached its peak," says Dr. Phil. "It's an absolutely amazing book of both the human drama and power of a storm like Katrina. As I look at it and look around, on the one hand, I can barely believe that I am actually standing in a city that was 83 percent covered in water for 21 days. This is a moving book."






Eyes of the Storm

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: The Photographic Story

by the Dallas Morning News 


The Dallas Morning News is donating all profits from the sale of this book to the non-profit organizations that first responded and continue to respond to the needs of survivors.


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