I Want My Parents to Divorce

A Household in Turmoil
"I wish my parents would divorce now," says Melissa on videotape. "It seems like there's no hope for them any more."
"I see how miserable my parents are, and I believe if they did get a divorce, they would be way happier," says 18-year-old Moriah.
"My husband and I are at a point where it's either going to make it or break it," Lisa says. "He annoys me a lot. Most of the arguments are about money."
[AD]"When we argue, we seem to yell, scream, and it just escalates," Willie admits. "My wife has brought up divorce 15, 20-plus times."
Lisa admits that she and Willie fight in front of their kids. "My husband, in the past, has assaulted me by hitting me, pulling my hair, ripping my clothes," she says.
"I've witnessed probably three times that they've been arrested," Melissa reveals.
Sixteen-year-old Alex adds, "The cops came for my dad and handcuffed him right in front of me."
When the videotape ends, Lisa says, "I'm sorry that I've hurt my children over the years. It's horrible seeing it all laid out like that, but I guess you just get so caught up in it that you don't realize the children are being affected."

"Do you hate this guy?" Dr. Phil asks Lisa, gesturing to her husband.
"I don't hate anybody," Lisa replies. But she admits, "I don't like him very much."
"Do you love him?"
She falters. "He's a father to my children, so I love a part of him, yes."
[AD]Willie tells his side of the story: "We've argued and argued constantly. I hate arguing, but I do love this woman," he says.
Dr. Phil turns to Melissa. "What do you want from them?" he asks.
"They just need to get a divorce or do something," she replies. "I want from this [experience] to see if it's even worth it for them to try anymore, for them to live in the same house."
Moriah explains what she wants for her family. "I want to see them together because they're my parents, but I want to see them happy," she says.