Identity Theft: Ricky and Ray

Bad Blood?

"My older brother, Ray, and I have both been victims of our younger brother, Robin. He's made our lives hell. My credit is so shot, I couldn't buy a piece of gum," complains Ricky.


Ricky claims that Robin has committed identity theft with Ricky's driver's license and social security numbers. "Robin has gotten utilities, cable television, telephone, cell phone, checking account, credit card," Ricky says. "He tried to purchase a Harley-Davidson motorcycle using my name. When he couldn't get it, he went to a different dealership and tried to get it underneath Ray's name. Robin was arrested for speeding in excess of 100 miles an hour. Well, next thing I know, I'm being handcuffed, and [have] an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court for a speeding ticket."


"I was told that my license had been suspended because I had a DUI. I said, ‘No, that can't be right.' I learned that there was a warrant for my arrest," says Ray.


The brothers have not seen Robin in over a year, and Ray believes his younger sibling could be dangerous. "I believe there is an imminent threat. It makes me more concerned for my family," he says through tears. "My wife, she doesn't deserve to be put in this situation at all, and she's on pins and needles. She's afraid to walk from her apartment to her car. That's not right, and something needs to be done to fix that."

Ricky is ready to write his brother off. "If I could be put in a room with him for three minutes, only one of us would come out. To continue to do what you do and then do it to your own family, he's made me ashamed to call him my brother," he says.

"Can you believe that this has happened?" Dr. Phil asks the brothers.

Ray replies, "I can't believe it, but it has, and it just doesn't seem to go away."

"How did this come to your attention?" Dr. Phil inquires. 

"When he left New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina to go to a city in northern Louisiana, because of problems we had been having over the years, I had purchased an identity theft shield program which informs me immediately of any contacts on my credit report," Ray explains.

"So, he has driver's licenses on both of you, passports with his picture and your information," Dr. Phil asks. Turning to Ricky, he says, "Your brother had gotten stopped for doing over 100 miles per hour."


"Correct. He had gotten pulled over in another parish," Ricky says. 


"And he handed them your driver's license with his picture, and then failed to show up in court?" Dr. Phil asks.




"How do y'all feel about this?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I'm pissed," Ricky replies.


"Robin came to my house, which he had not really done before in recent history, and he committed battery on me in my own home," Ray discloses.


Ricky says Robin has gotten violent with other family members as well. "Back when my father was alive and sickly " my father had cancer of the liver " he would strong-arm my father for money. Literally, he would back my father up against the wall, grab him, physically, yell and scream at him," Ricky recalls. "My father would give him money to quiet him down and get him out of the house."