Identity Theft: Showdown on Stage

A Compulsive Liar?

Back in the studio, Dr. Phil expresses surprise at how mildly Ricky and Ray greeted their wayward sibling. "Neither of you really said anything to him " good, bad or indifferent," he observes.

Ricky explains, "John Weeks had told us because of his past history " because of Robin [being] known to be violent, known to be very confrontational " to keep it on a very down low, keep it on a very low key. The main thing was to get Robin to come here."

John Weeks assesses the situation. "He understands that he's here to talk with you and talk to his brothers about the situation and the problems he's had over the last several years. As he's been with me, he's described chemical abuse, specifically cocaine and alcohol. He's described not taking responsibility for a lot of the things that he has done in the past," John tells Dr. Phil. "He does not, at this point, agree that he's willing to take responsibility. He's been able to blame this or spin this off on someone else."

After years of frustration, the brothers go face to face with Robin.

Robin walks out onstage and tries to shake Ricky's hand, but Ricky snubs him. "I don't want to shake your hand either, Ricky. You're a liar," Robin huffs. 

"What's he lying about?" Dr. Phil asks. 

"He lies about everything. He's a compulsive liar. I have never used his identity in my life. I've never done anything to this man. My brother, Ray, I have. I have used his identity," Robin explains. "As far as being arrested goes, this guy right here has been a compulsive liar all his life." 

Heatedly, Ricky asks, "You never used my identity to get utilities turned back on at Daddy's house?"

"Nope. Afraid not," Robin replies. 

"You're a liar. You never, ever used my name to try and purchase anything, Robin?"

"Never," Robin says. 

"You're a piece of ****, and you have been for so long. I'm sick of it. I'm the one who wrote Dr. Phil," Ricky says. "Ray and I are tired of your ****."

"I have nothing to do with you," Robin fires back. 

Addressing Robin, Dr. Phil says, "Let's talk about what you do acknowledge, to start with. You say that you have used your brother's identity."

"Yes. I have used Ray's identity," Robin admits.  

"What gives you the right to use another man's identity, and run up bills and create problems?" Dr. Phil asks. 

Robin defends his actions. "I used my brother's identity right after [Hurricane] Katrina to get a place to live " "


Ray cuts him off. "You can't make it sound like you were just getting a place to live and utilities at a trailer. A Harley-Davidson is not a life necessity for a place to live, and you did that too!"

Dr. Phil turns to Robin. "Let's talk about the Harley-Davidson. You say you did do that. You did try to buy a Harley-Davidson using your brother's name. Is that illegal in your view? Is it dishonest? Is it victimizing an innocent person?"

When Robin answers in the affirmative to all three questions, Dr. Phil says, "Why would you do that?"

"I wasn't in the right state of mind," Robin explains. "I've been an alcoholic for many, many years."

"When was the last time you did alcohol or drugs?


Robin replies, "I drank alcohol yesterday. Beer."


"Did you go to [Ray's] house and attack him?"

"I never physically attacked him, no," Robin says. 

Did you strong-arm your ailing father, and intimidate him and get money from him?" Dr. Phil inquires. 

When Robin says no, both brothers chime in heatedly, "Yes, he did."

"Have you had fights with Ricky?" Dr. Phil asks. 

"Yes, I had fights with Ricky," Robin replies, "which winded me up in a hospital. He's also broke a sword out on me, just about cut my finger off."

Ricky shoots back, "That's because you pulled out butcher knives."


"Is he lying about that?" Dr. Phil asks Robin.


"Oh yes, he's lying about that. He's a compulsive liar," Robin reiterates.

Robin tries to turn the tables on Ricky. "You stole everything from our mother and father. You went to prison for it, young man!" he declares. 

"What about the time you stole Mama's diamond ring and hocked it, and blamed it on me?" Ricky asks. 


Dr. Phil addresses Robin. "Do you have a passport with Ricky's name?" he asks. 

Robin replies, "No, I do not. I don't have anything with Ricky's name. I wouldn't use Ricky's name. In the last episode in my life, I would never use Ricky's name."

"Just forget that I'm ever your brother," Ricky says.

Dr. Phil continues his line of questioning. "Do you have a passport with Ray's name on it?"

"No, I do not," Robin answers. "I did get a driver's license with Ray's name, right after Katrina."

"How do you feel about that?" Dr. Phil asks. 

"I deeply apologize to [Ray] for doing these stupid things. This man right here," Robin says, pointing to Ricky, "I have never used his identity, not in one simple incident, never! Because of his criminal history, I surely wouldn't put my name out on him."

"Because you just don't want to sully your reputation," Dr. Phil quips.

"What do you think should happen here?" Dr. Phil asks Robin. 

"I hope my brother, Ray, would accept my apology. He has a promise from me that it will never happen again. I have been moving forward with my life. I've been trying to live a better life. I have a decent woman in my life now, and yes, we are moving forward," Robin responds. 

"You understand that you've cost them money. You've cost them peace of mind," Dr. Phil says. "Their credit has been impacted terribly by this."

Robin replies, "The only utilities I have ever used toward my brother Ray is a cell phone, and all bills have been paid."

Ray refutes this. "I contacted the utility companies in Bossier City, Louisiana. You had electrical service, and you had gas service turned on in the trailer using my name, and the cell phone."


"I do agree with that," Robin says.

"You acknowledge that you've done this with Ray, but I have records that say in October of 2004, that you obtained utilities, phone service and cable using Ricky's credit," Dr. Phil points out. 

"And what address was this, Dr. Phil?" Robin inquires. 

"In September '05, you tried to use Ricky's identity to obtain utilities in his name again, and in the same month, you used his name when you were arrested for DWI in Bossier City, Louisiana," Dr. Phil continues. 

"Ricky's name? Never!" Robin asserts.  

"In July of '06, did you have a cell phone in Ricky's name?"

"No, I did not," Robin answers. 

"Why would these people say these things?" Dr. Phil probes. 

"The real question is why Ricky would be saying these things? Ricky has been a compulsive liar all his life," Robin retorts.

"Did you write bad checks in a business account under Ricky's name?" Dr. Phil asks Robin. 

"Never," Robin responds.


Ricky refutes this. "Absolutely everything he's saying is false. I lost a job because the owner of the business came up to me and said, 'Your company has checks in our system. You can't work for us.'"

When Robin denies this, Dr. Phil says, "So, basically what you're saying is Ricky's a liar. You've never used his name. You never said you were Ricky when you got stopped for DWI, or for speeding, or anything of the sort."

"That is absolutely correct," Robin says.