The Media's Impact

Dr. Phil asks Jane Velez-Mitchell, host of HLN’s Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, whether she believes the media influenced the outcome of the trial.

“Don’t blame the jurors. Don’t blame the media. The case was lost from the get-go because they didn't find the body for six months; that was a big problem. Also, I don't know about you, but I still don't know how to make chloroform. If the murder weapon was chloroform then please tell me how did Casey Anthony put together that chloroform?" she asks firmly. She says a clear motive would have been disclosing information about a reported fight between Casey and her mother, Cindy, the night before Caylee disappeared, in which Cindy allegedly tried to choke Casey. She points out that the report was hearsay and could not be used by the prosecution.

Dr. Phil asks whether the case was tried so much in the court of public opinion that it paired down the jury pool too much.

[AD]Velez-Mitchell says she believes the media coverage of the trial provided an educational opportunity for the public. “They learned a tremendous amount about how the criminal justice system works,” she says.

Ashton says he believes media coverage of the trial was a factor that can’t be denied. “I don’t know how you can not see it as a factor,” he says. He explains  that the media did nothing wrong, but inadvertently excluded everyone who was actually interested in the case from being part of the jury.

Hear from a woman who says she would let Casey babysit any child in her family!

The attorneys weigh in on the recent involuntary manslaughter conviction against Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson.

Geragos says he was not surprised at the verdict since the defense could not get a doctor to testify that it was OK to administer propofol in a house setting.

[AD]Clark agrees, saying the defense's own propofol expert, Dr. Paul White, couldn't even support their argument. "He himself had to admit that you do not administer propofol in the bedroom, and even if you do, you don't leave the bedroom. The defense could never get over its own hurdle,” she responds.

Dr. Phil says he feels Dr. Murray fell below the standard of care. "I think he's a bad doctor, practicing bad medicine, and should lose his license — the whole nine yards."